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Just 15 minutes south of Calgary, Okotoks is located in the most liberal province of Canada in regards to its recreational marijuana regulations, which is ironic as Alberta is consistently listed as Canada’s most politically conservative province to the point that it’s often referred to as “Canada’s Texas.” With both recreational and medical marijuana being legal to buy, use, and cultivate, Okotoks has a vibrant cannabis community of cultivators that consistently turn to Growers Choice Seeds for all of their weed seed needs.

Welcome to Okotoks, Alberta

Situated along the Sheep River in the Calgary Region of Alberta, Okotoks, which was incorporated as a town in 1904, has an estimated population of just over 30,000 inhabitants, making it the largest town in the province.

Okotoks, which means “rock” in the Blackfoot language of Siksikáí’powahsin, was originally inhabited by the Siksika people who used the area as a crossing point on the Sheep River. It is thought that the name might be in reference to a large rock, known simply as “Big Rock,” that sits on the flat prairie that is located west of the town and that likely ended up there after being transported from Mount Edith Cavell by a continental glacier during the last ice age.

Considered an idyllic place for young families due to its exceedingly low crime rates, top-notch school system, and high earning potential, the small, friendly community of Okotoks is so safe that it can brag about having a downtown area that folk can feel comfortable traversing at night. In addition, while Okotoks is a small town, its close proximity to Calgary also adds to its draw as residents can still easily access all the amenities of what is Alberta’s largest city.

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Provincial vs. Canadian Marijuana Laws for Medical and Recreational Users

Like all provinces and territories in Canada, the medical marijuana program in Alberta, and therefore Okotoks, falls under the purview of Health Canada, which sets the country’s medical cannabis regulations for all medicinal marijuana patients. This means that what applies in Okotoks, Alberta applies everywhere else in the country both for patients and medicinal marijuana dispensaries.

In short, Health Canada has not set a minimum age requirement for an individual to become a registered medical user. Instead, they must have a consultation with a licensed physician who will then determine if they have a medical condition that qualifies them to obtain a registration certificate. If so, this registration certificate, which allows them to possess up to 150 grams of usable cannabis in public, will indicate how many medical cannabis plants they can grow at home. For more details about this program, please refer here.

On the other hand, when it comes to recreational cannabis, which Canada legalized in 2018, every territory and province in the nation sets its own specific requirements around the sales, possession, public consumption, and at-home cultivation of marijuana plants, along with what kinds of recreational dispensaries can be operated in their region (i.e., government, public, and/or private retailers). This means that what applies in Okotoks, or anywhere in Alberta, does not necessarily hold true to one living in the Yukon, Manitoba, British Columbia, Quebec, etc.

Alberta’s Recreational Cannabis Laws

In brief, Alberta has set the following regulations for the adult use of marijuana, which, as mentioned at the start, are the most lenient in the nation.

  • Minimum Age for Use: 18+
  • At-Home Cultivation: Up to 4 female cannabis plants per household
  • Home Storage Limit: None
  • Retailers Who Can Sell: Government, public, and private retailers are all permitted
  • Online Sales of Cannabis Products: Yes, with a provincial license

Buying Marijuana Seeds in Okotoks

Since not only the possession of marijuana seeds but also the cultivation of cannabis strains is fully legal in Okotoks, its local residential cannabis growers have been procuring their favorite weed seeds from the top cannabis seed brands via Growers Choice Seeds. They do so in part thanks to the fact that we not only have an extensive library of classic, new, popular, rare, and award-winning strains available, but we also back up the quality of all of our cannabis seeds with the highest germination rate guarantee in the industry.

Plus, the fact that we provide speedy and discreet shipping, have a friendly team of knowledgeable customer service reps always standing by, offer discounts on wholesale seeds, have ongoing promotions on a rotating selection of our various marijuana strains, and only sell feminized cannabis seeds don’t hurt too.

Feminized Photoperiod Seeds and Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

Speaking of feminized marijuana seeds, let’s go over why this is such a fabulous benefit for cultivators of all skill levels in Okotoks. However, before getting into what feminized photoperiods and autoflowering seeds are, know that the key important factor that they both share is that, unlike regular seeds, which will mature into both male and female plants, they have an almost 100% likelihood of producing female plants, which are what provide growers and users with the cannabinoid-rich buds they are seeking.

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A guide to what some of the cannabinoids found in cannabis buds are
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Feminized Seeds

Feminized photoperiod seeds are reliant on changes in their light cycles to move into their flowering time. Relatively speaking, feminized strains that are photoperiods tend to be larger than autoflowers, and though this is not always the case, often produce buds that are higher in resin content.

While figuring out the light cycle might sound too difficult for an inexperienced grower, in reality, there are plenty of low-maintenance strains like Buddha Tahoe that newbies should be able to find success with–especially considering the fact that we have a free blog that is filled with educational resources on things like how to grow cannabis, and when you can expect your cannabis crops to flower after transitioning them to a 12/12 light cycle, etc.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowers feminized seeds are not photoperiods. Instead, thanks to the added presence of ruderalis in their genetics, they can automatically flip to flower based on their age instead of their light cycles–making it that much easier for those who are new to the world of cannabis cultivation to achieve success with.

Some of the other advantages that autoflowers come with are that they tend to be:

  • Faster-flowering
  • More compact
  • More resilient to sudden changes in temperatures and rooking mistakes
  • Higher resistance to pests and diseases

All of these traits combined can be especially useful to both indoor and outdoor growers in Okotoks, which averages just 112 frost-free days per year. The fact that they have a faster flowering stage that can be as short as 7-9 weeks means that outdoor cultivators can get at least one if not two full harvests from a strain like Ripped Bubba. In addition, since autoflowers tend to average 2-4 feet in height, they make for a great indoor cultivation option once the first frost of the year approaches in Okotoks.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Cultivation in Okotoks

If you live in Okotoks and are new to growing, you might be wondering if it really matters if you grow your cannabis garden indoors or out. The answer to that question is: It depends on the time of year and the specific environmental needs of the cannabis seeds that are are planning to grow.

Outdoor Cultivation Benefits

For many low-maintenance feminized and autoflowering strains, like Candy Jack feminized seeds and Violator Kush auto-flowering seeds, growing them outside could almost be considered an inexpensive, near-zero-effort exercise in growing as Mother Nature will do the majority of the labor for you.

As such, growing landrace and/or hybrid cannabis strains outside can be cost-effective as nature provides the light, temperature, humidity, and ventilation that are all required for a successful grow. Plus as is true for most plant life, being able to grow outdoors in fresh clean air and under the non-artificial glow of the sun tends to result in higher quality cannabis as its leaves and buds will generally be bigger and, well, better.

Lastly, while this is not the only other advantage to outdoor growing, cultivating your marijuana crops outside allows them to fully stretch and achieve their full height potential, which is especially beneficial with sativas, which can grow to be 12 feet tall or more.

Freshly germinated seeds sprouting from soil
Everything you need to know about how to grow your recreational and medical marijuana seeds in soil
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Indoor Cultivation Benefits

In regions like Okotoks that have shorter frost-free seasons, or where outdoor cultivation is illegal indoor growing is an excellent option for ensuring a successful harvest of cannabis buds.

Some of the many benefits of growing indoors include having complete control over the temperature, humidity, ventilation, light cycles, soil quality, etc. This is especially useful if you live in a colder northern region like Okotoks and want to grow a strain, such as Agent Orange, that requires a Meditteranean-like climate and/or higher humidity levels, etc.; or, vice versa, if you live in an extremely humid climate and are growing a strain that is susceptible to mold and mildew.

Additionally, growing your favorite strains indoors gives you an unlimited growing season that is never impacted by changes in the season. Finally, another big bonus that comes with growing your cannabis garden inside allows you to grow your plants in a more hygienic environment as you are the one who is in charge of how clean (or dirty) the growing environment is. This can be especially important for those growing medical-grade quality cannabis plants for patients with a compromised immune system.

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