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Residents of Lloydminster, Alberta, like all Canadian residents in the nation’s nine other provinces and three territories, have had legal access to medical marijuana since 2001 and recreational cannabis since 2016. In addition, since the cultivation of cannabis plants is legal in Lloyminster, locals there have been buying their weed seeds from Growers Choice Seeds because they love our huge variety of new, classic, rare, popular, and award-winning strains that we also back up with a 90% germination rate guarantee.

Lloydminster, a Bi-Provincial City in Alberta (AB) and Saskatchewan (SK)

Known as a “bi-provincial” city, Lloydminster straddles the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan and is the only city in all of Canada to be located in two provinces. As the traditional and rightful homeland of the Plains Cree, Wood Cree, Dee, Saulteaux, and Metis people, Lloydminster was founded by religious English colonizers in 1903 as an “alcohol-free utopia” in western Canada. Eventually, the city found itself caught in the crosshairs so to speak when Alberta and Saskatchewan were eventually formed. For about 25 years, it was split into two cities with Lloydminster, Alberta to the west and Lloydminster, Saskatchewan to the west until 1903 when the two provinces agreed upon sharing “custody” of this unique border town.

Today, Lloydminster, which has been incorporated by both provinces as a single city, has one municipal administration. Interestingly, the city has an interesting time zone situation as the majority of Saskatchewan does not follow daylight saving time and stays on Central Standard Time (CST) year-round, but Alberta does follow daylight saving time. To keep things simple, Lloydminster follows Alberta’s lead with daylight saving time on both sides of the border so that the city’s clocks can all be in sync. This means that all of Lloydminster follows the Mountain Time Zone, where during the winter it is on Mountain Standard Time with all of Alberta and in the summer is on Mountain Daylight Time while the rest of the province of Saskatchewan remains on CST. (It’s ok if you need some time to think this one through, we sure did.)

Of the numerous quirks that come with being the only bi-provincial community in the nation, Lloydminster’s recreational cannabis laws are determined by which side of the city you live in. If you live in the part of the city that is located in Saskatchewan you follow Saskatchewan’s regulations, and if you live on the side that is a part of Alberta, you are under Alberta’s recreational marijuana laws. However, when it comes to accessing the federal government’s medical marijuana program, it doesn’t matter where you live in Lloydminster, or anywhere in the country–the reasons for why we will get further down.

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Lloydminster Today

These days, roughly 32,000 folk call Lloydminster home. Its unique position as a bi-provincial city offers its residents a one-of-a-kind living experience as they are the only in the nation to be able to daily experience the best of living in two provinces with the dynamic spirit of Alberta and the serene tranquility of Saskatchewan.

Featuring access to plenty of outdoor activities, breweries, shopping, restaurants, a local theatre that hosts live performances, a museum, and a more active nightlife than you might expect from such a small locale, Lloydminster may not have all the attractions that a much larger city like Edmonton has to offer, but it’s hardly a dying town either. In fact, this lively yet close-knit city was recently ranked as one of the fastest-growing communities in all of Canada!

Medical and Recreational Cannabis Laws in Lloydminster

As mentioned at the end of the first section, Lloydminster’s recreational weed laws are determined by which side of the city you live in. So, if you live on the west side of the city you are subject to Alberta’s laws and the east side of the city puts you under Saskatchewan’s jurisdiction. And, long story short, the two provinces have slightly different laws around the use, possession, and growing of adult-use marijuana.

All that said, when it comes to accessing cannabis for medicinal purposes, it doesn’t matter where you live in Lloydminster, or anywhere in the country, because Health Canada, which is a department of Canada’s federal government oversees the nation’s medical marijuana program, amongst other things.

Canada’s Medical Marijuana Laws

There is no minimum age requirement for prospective medical marijuana patients. Basically, all they need to do is see a physician who will determine if they have a qualifying medical condition that will allow them to register with Health Canada.

For specific details about this program, including possession amounts, where medical cannabis can be used, where and how many cannabis plants can be grown, etc. please refer here.

Recreational Cannabis Laws in Alberta vs. Saskatchewan

For residents of Lloydminster, the biggest difference in adult-use cannabis laws between Alberta and Saskatchewan is that the legal age for buying and growing cannabis in Alberta is 18, and in Saskatchewan, it is 18.

Both provinces allow adult users to cultivate up to four female plants at home, and to possess up to 30 grams of marijuana in public, and neither province limits at-home storage amounts. However, while Alberta allows for cannabis to be smoked/vaped anywhere that the smoking of tobacco is permitted in public, Saskatchewan does not allow this under any circumstance.

So, when you’re in Lloydminster, it’s especially important that you remember which part of the city you’re in when it comes to provincial recreational cannabis laws.

About Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids

To start with, Growers Choice Seeds only sells feminized marijuana seeds that are either photoperiods or autoflowers as feminized seeds have an almost 100% likelihood of producing all-female marijuana plants, and females are what produce the THC- and/or CBD-rich buds that your typical at-home grower is seeking. This is also why we do not sell regular marijuana seeds, as they have a 50/50 chance of producing both male and female plants.

All of the phenomenal strains that we make available via our website are either a pure sativa or a pure indica, aka a “landrace strain,” or a hybrid strain. To learn more about the dominant traits of indicas, sativas, and hybrids, read on.

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While there are always exceptions to the rule, indicas are known for producing plants that are compact and bushy, usually averaging between 2-4 feet in height. Some of the structural traits of indica buds are that they are small, round, and dense. Usually, a pure indica strain, like Blue God feminized seeds, will flower in approximately 7-9 weeks, although some, like can take a bit longer.

When it comes to effects, indicas are notorious for providing users with deeply sedating physical effects that can often result in couch lock and/or sleep. Their strong body stone is why they’re generally recommended for evening use.


Pure sativas, such as Panama Red feminized seeds, usually take 10-12 weeks to complete their flowering stage, although, of course, there are some that might flower a bit faster–especially when there’s an auto-flowering version of a landrace sativa, like Durban Poison auto-flowering seeds that takes 9 weeks to flower, thanks to the 10% addition of ruderalis.

The stereotypical pure sativa tends to be tall and spindly, with Asian Fantasy feminized seeds being a prime example. Their leaves tend to be long and narrow, and their buds are generally quite long and cylindrical and loose in composition.

When it comes to their effects, pure sativas are considered to be better for daytime usage as they tend to imbue users with energy and improve one’s ability to focus, thanks to their cerebrally stimulating and invigorating effects. As such, those who identify as wake-and-bakers are likely relying on a pure sativa, or sativa-dominant strain to get them going, whereas those who want to unwind at the end of the day and get a good night’s sleep turn to landrace indicas or an indica-dominant hybrid.


Hybrids are a combination of sativa and indica genetics, and autoflowering feminized hybrids will carry an additional 10% to 20% ruderalis as well.

Basically, the purpose of a hybrid is to give users the best of both worlds so that one is able to get the physically soothing effects of an indica along with the cerebrally uplifting and euphoric properties of a sativa.

As such, hybrids can be sativa or indica dominant, where for example a strain like Trinity feminized seeds contain a sativa-to-indica ratio of 75:25; sativa or indica leaning, where an indica-leaning hybrid like Cheese feminized seeds contains 60% indica and 40% sativa; or evenly-balanced, as exemplified by Green Candy feminized seeds that have equal parts sativa and indica.

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Why Buy Your Cannabis Seeds From Growers Choice

Long story short, cultivators in Lloydminster have been relying on Growers Choice Seeds for years now thanks to our wide selection of feminized seeds that are fully backed by the highest germination guarantee in the industry and are quickly and discreetly shipped out.

In addition, our exceptional customer service team, free informational blogs, discounts on wholesale seeds, and regular sales on a rotating selection of premium cannabis seeds all contribute to why we have developed such a loyal customer base in places like Lloydminster.

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