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Like all of Canada, the city of Leduc, which is about 33 kilometers south of Edmonton, in the province of Alberta has had a booming medical and recreational cannabis industry for quite a while now. While the county’s medical marijuana program is federally run, every province and territory can set its own specific rules as they relate to the use and cultivation of cannabis for recreational purposes, with Alberta being one of the most lenient in the country.

About the City of Leduc, Alberta

Located on what is the rightful homeland of the Blackfoot and Stoney peoples, Leduc was first colonized in 1899 by Robert Telford. For the next several decades, this scenic area continued to grow as a main stopping point between Calgary and Edmonton. However, it was the discovery of oil in 1947 that really put Leduc on the map and moved Alberta from being a rural, agricultural province to, for better or worse, a major player in the oil and gas industry.

Today, Leduc, whose economy is still rooted in the energy sector, as well as advanced manufacturing and the areas of logistics and transportation, is considered to be one of Edmonton’s best suburbs. With a population of 36,000, it is one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities thanks in large part to its small-town feel and the amenities of a big city, like having a vibrant arts and culture scene, thriving business districts, fabulous shopping and dining options, and more than 70 kilometers of trails that connect its 60 parks!

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For first-time growers in Leduc: A guide to growing cannabis plants
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Marijuana Seeds in Leduc

With medical marijuana having been legal in Leduc, and all of Canada, since 2001, and recreational marijuana since 2018, residents of Leduc have been happily growing their favorite strains from the top-notch cannabis seeds they order from Growers Choice Seeds for quite a long time–the reasons for why, we’ll cover further down below.

However, let’s first make sure you know some of the most important basics about Canada and Alberta’s medical and recreational cannabis laws before we get into why cultivators in Leduc rely on Growers Choice, what the three main seed types are, what some of our tips for cultivating healthy marijuana plants in this area are, and so on.

Medical Marijuana in Canada

Health Canada is a part of Canada’s federal government that oversees the country’s medical cannabis program. As such, whether you live in Leduc, Alberta, Summerside on Prince Edward Island, or Iqalit in the country’s northernmost territory of Nunavut, if a physician determines that you have a qualifying medical condition that could potentially benefit from the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, you can become a registered medical marijuana patient with Health Canada.

Three other big things to know about being a registered medical user in Leduc, or anywhere in Canada, are as follows:

  • Health Canada has not set a minimum age requirement.
  • Medical users can possess a maximum of 150 grams of cannabis flower in public, so long as they have the documentation to prove that they are registered patients.
  • A patient’s registration certificate will also state how many cannabis plants they can grow at home, where they can cultivate it, and how much marijuana flower they can store in their private residence.

Recreational Marijuana Laws in Leduc, Alberta

As mentioned at the start, while Canada legalized adult-use cannabis back in 2018 on the national level, every territorial and provincial government can and does set their own regulations around the sales, possession, public consumption, and at-home cultivation of weed, as well as what kinds of recreational dispensaries can be operated in their region (i.e., government, public, and/or private retailers). As such, it is important to remember that what is allowed in the province of Alberta, and therefore Leduc, does not necessarily apply in Canada’s other nine provinces and three territories.

Another thing we touched upon at the start is that Alberta is one of the most lenient provinces in the country in its approach toward recreational weed. For example, while most of Canada’s provinces and territories have the minimum age requirement set at 19, with Quebec at 21+, Alberta allows those 18 and older to buy their favorite products from licensed dispensaries and grow their own marijuana plants at home–with four plants per household being allowed. Additionally, Alberta does not have at-home storage limits, allows for cannabis to be smoked anywhere that the smoking of tobacco is permitted, and has sanctioned the selling of marijuana and its wide variety of products at dispensaries operated privately, publicly, and by the government, as well as by licensed online cannabis stores.

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Browse Growers Choice inventory of marijuana seeds we have on sale
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Why Leduc Locals Buy Their Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds

Understandably, you might be wondering why folk in Leduc would ever buy their weed seeds from seed banks like Growers Choice Seeds when they could potentially just go and get some from their local neighborhood dispensary. Simply, put, while dispensaries have a large and varied selection of cannabis products, they do not have the wide variety of thousands of different types of seeds that we do. Plus, our affordable prices, which include special sales on a rotating offering of landrace and hybrid strains along with discounts on wholesale pot seeds, and speedy and stealth shipping services don’t hurt!

Two other reasons that we’ve developed such a loyal customer based in Leduc are provided below:

  • Germination Guarantee: Because we are so confident in the quality of all of our seeds for sale, we offer the highest germination rate guarantee in the cannabis industry. If 90% of your seeds don’t “pop,” aka “germinate,” we will replace the duds for free!
  • Bud-Bearing Female Plants: Unlike regular seeds, which will develop into male and female plants, feminized seeds have about a 99% likelihood of producing female marijuana plants, which is why we only sell the photoperiod and autoflowering versions of these types of seeds.

Feminized Seeds vs. Autoflowering Seeds

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are photoperiods. This means that they cannot transition on their own from their vegetative growth stage to their flowering period without outside intervention in their light/dark cycle. While this may, understandably, sound like a daunting task for first-time growers, the reality is, that not only are there numerous feminized strains, like Asian Fantasy, that are otherwise easy for novices to cultivate, but we make things that much simpler and more accessible by providing a free and very informative blog that is accessed by users and growers of all skill levels as an invaluable resource on almost everything you need to know about marijuana, including how to grow it, what its potential medical benefits are, what the vegetative and flowering stages are, etc.

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowers are feminized strains that have had the robust landrace strain of ruderalis, which has its roots in the unforgiving regions of Central Asia, added to their genetics. This added dose imbues autoflowers with the ability to automatically flip to their flowering stage on their own. Ruderalis also allows them to grow into plants, like Royal Kush, that are usually more compact, faster-flowering, and hardier than their feminized photoperiod counterparts–making them especially well-suited for indoor growing in a place like Leduc that has a shorter frost-free outdoor growing season that can start as late at the end of May and end as early as the second week of September.

Furthermore, the resilience of autoflowering strains, such as Alaska Thunderfuck, tends to make them more forgiving of rookie mistakes, and their faster flowering times are something that those who want to do as many crop rotations as possible in a year are drawn to.

A flowering cannabis plant indoors with a bamboo support to the left of it and behind it
How to build your own cheap indoor cannabis growing setup
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Cultivating Cannabis in Leduc, Alberta

As alluded to above, due to Leduc’s shorter outdoor growing season, which tends to hover in the mid-70s Fahrenheit (sometimes reaching into the low-80s) and dips into the 50s, if not lower, at night, many growers there either stick to indoor growing year-round where they have complete control over the environmental needs of the strain(s) they are growing or they usually opt for a strain like Kong feminized seeds or Pez autoflowering seeds that have a flowering time of 7-8 weeks and should be ready for the plucking before the first frost of the year hits.

In addition, those who do practice outdoor growing in Leduc may opt to use a greenhouse, cold frame, row cover, or hoop house just in case the frost hits early or temps dip lower than usual in the early or late part of summer. Lastly, because the last frost of the year can go until the end of May in Leduc, it is recommended that outdoor cultivators germinate their seeds indoors to get their seedlings going so that they can plant them outside, or in their greenhouse, etc., as soon as the weather allows.

Popular Cannabis Seeds in Leduc

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