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The oldest city between Los Angeles and Fish Camp, Visalia is a quiet, charming city known as the “Gateway to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.” Locals looking to learn more about how to grow their own cannabis for personal use have come to the right place. Read on to learn some of the basics about cannabis plants, things to consider when selecting a strain, and how to cultivate your own cannabis garden. 

Overview of Visalia Cannabis Seeds

Known for its progressive laws on cannabis, California permits the use and sale of recreational weed for adults 21 and above. As such, local cannabis culture has continued to flourish throughout the state. Aspiring and experienced growers alike are permitted to grow up to six cannabis plants for personal use. More information on cannabis laws in California is available here.

At first glance, growing your own cannabis is beneficial for fairly straightforward reasons as it’s affordable and practical. However, growers of all experience levels often find the experience of cultivating cannabis to be quite rewarding in its own right. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grow a few plants in as simple a fashion as possible or an expert gardener looking to fine-tune their process, a successful grow begins with one thing: high-quality seeds.  

In fact, residents of Visalia have access to hundreds of cannabis seed strains, if they know where to look. When it comes to researching which seeds to plant, individual tastes will vary. Perhaps you are looking for THC-rich seeds or maybe you’d like to avoid any psychoactive effects entirely. Some prefer the scintillating lucidity of a pure sativa, while others prefer the heavy lull of indicas. Regardless of your personal preference, a truly exceptional online dispensary is one of the best resources for obtaining quality weed seeds and cultivating your own cannabis at home. 

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The benefits provided by an exceptional seed bank 
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Benefits of a High-Quality Seed Bank

Residents of Visalia can find a wide selection of high-quality weed seeds for sale at a reputable online seed bank. While there are many options available, we recommend keeping the following list handy when researching potential options. The following qualities are what distinguish truly exceptional resources for seeds such as Growers Choice and Pacific Seed Bank. 

High-quality: Fresh, high-quality weed seeds are critical for cultivating your own recreational cannabis. Growing cannabis at home doesn’t need to be difficult, but it does require tact and care. One of the most critical steps in cultivating your own plants for personal use is beginning with healthy, high-quality seeds. These will typically be round, slightly shiny, and richly-hued. Seeds that are dry, cracked, misshapen, or otherwise unhealthy will not produce bountiful plants. 

Germination guarantee: The most reliable online seed banks will carry high-quality marijuana seeds and will also back their seeds with a germination guarantee. Growers Choice, specifically, is proud to have the best guarantee in the industry in which we ensure that 90% or more of the seeds you purchase will successfully germinate so long as this simple germination method is followed. If for any reason fewer than 90% of your seeds do not germinate, you will receive new seeds free of charge. 

Diverse strain options: Everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences when it comes to the strains of cannabis they’d like to grow and enjoy. THC content, indica-to-sativa ratio, effects and characteristics, taste and scent, and even the size of the plants are all factors you’ll want to consider when finding the correct strain for you. A truly excellent online seed bank will provide a diverse selection of strains from a variety of passionate breeders. Having access to a variety of options only improves the likelihood of finding your premium-quality cannabis seeds.

Discreet delivery and a knowledgeable team: Other key benefits of a good bank are a fabulous support team, efficient, stealth shipping, and a plethora of educational information—from growing guides to tips for beginners and more. 

By checking the potential list before purchasing, you’ll dramatically improve the likelihood of finding a high-quality seed bank. 

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are excellent for home growers looking to ensure the most potent yields possible. When female plants are pollinated by male plants, they will allocate much of their energy towards producing seeds. As such, their efforts are diverted away from resin production. 

Feminized strains eliminate this issue entirely. As the plants will never be pollinated, they will devote their energy exclusively towards high resin production. 

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Explore a broad selection of premium feminized seeds
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Types of Feminized Seeds

Feminized weed seeds can be divided into the following subcategories. Each of these varieties has the benefits of being feminized, but also possesses unique characteristics and benefits. If you’re new to the world of home gardening, the following info may help you decide which type of fresh, high-quality marijuana seeds are best for your needs: 


Indica plants are known for their lulling physical effects. Known for promoting intense relaxation, a pure indica strain will typically evoke a sense of calm. At the more intense end, they can even help promote sleep. 


By contrast, sativa plants are famous for their cerebral properties. Energizing and cerebral, they are preferred by those looking to sharpen their thoughts, gain creative motivation, or heighten their perceptions. 


Hybrids are exciting strains because they incorporate the benefits of sativa and indica plants. Typically, a hybrid strain will be described as a “balanced hybrid” if the sativa and indica ratio is more or less even. Alternatively, they may be described as “indica-dominant” or “sativa-dominant” should their genetics contain one variety in greater amounts. A balanced hybrid will infuse the influence of sativa and indica plants, respectively. Many report feeling physically calm yet with a sense of mental focus—to name one example. 


Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are excellent for beginner gardeners. Naturally resilient to mishandling, pests, harsh weather conditions, and more, autoflower strains are also short and compact in size. This makes them ideal for flourishing in cramped conditions. Additionally, auto-flowering seeds make for excellent indoor strains, are quite low maintenance, and will flower without having their light cycles adjusted.

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Explore the potential benefits of CBD-rich strains
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CBD-rich seeds

THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive properties cannabis is famous for. Yet, for those who prefer the calming and soothing properties of cannabis without any mind-altering effects, CBD-rich strains may be just the thing. Growers Choice carries an excellent selection of assorted strains that are especially rich in CBD. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Cannabis Strain

When researching different strains, we recommend taking a peek at the following list of factors. Consider how prominently you’d like each of the following to show up in your seed. A good online cannabis seed bank will allow you to filter by many of the following characteristics—making it simple to zero in on strains that fit your requirements. Additionally, the best seed banks will provide a detailed product description with each strain and touch upon each of the following points. 

  • Effects
  • Indica-to-sativa ratio
  • Aroma and taste profile
  • THC levels
  • CBD levels
  • Plant size
  • Growing difficulty level
  • Average indoor and outdoor yields

The Pros and Cons of Growing Female Plants vs. Male Plants

As a general rule, female marijuana plants tend to be more popular with gardeners seeking high yields. This is because they produce buds with more potent levels of cannabinoids. Female cannabis strains that have not been pollinated are especially potent—as their energy can be allocated exclusively towards producing resin, rather than seeds. 

Male plants are useful for breeding. Additionally, they can also be used to create hemp fiber—and in some ways are preferable to female plants in that they produce much softer material.

Differentiating Between Male and Female Cannabis Plants 

Take a look at your plant’s “pre-flowers.” These are located between the plant’s nodes—where the branches grow from the stalk. Male plants will have pollen sacs: These are small and round.  Female plants will have stigmas. These look similar to pollen sacs, but can be distinguished by white or pink hairs.  Typically, your weed plants will have sex-identifying features just 4-6 weeks into the growing process, right before the vegetative state and just before it begins to flower. 

Not sure where to start? Take a peek at the following strains: 

CBD Shark Feminized Seeds: This strain will likely promote sleep and relaxation.

Apple Fritter Feminized Seeds: This indica-leaning hybrid is as heavy on the bliss and inspired thinking as it is on the near-couch-locking relaxation.

Blueberry Kush Feminized Seeds: As its name suggests, this strain smells of freshly picked blueberries and comes with a 90% indica profile.

Durban Poison Auto-flowering Seeds: The perfect morning pick-me-up is a 100% sativa landrace with uniquely energizing properties.

Blue Cookies Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds: This is a potent indica-leaning strain that is known for its fruity and sweet flavor profile.

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Claire N. Of Visalia had this to say about her Growers Choice cannabis seeds

I have literally always been nervous to grow cannabis at home for so many reasons but it was so easy! I honestly feel like, what took me so long? I followed the germination guide to the letter and bam, my plants were perfect! Thanks, Growers Choice! Look out for my next order real soon!

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