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What can medical cannabis seeds do for anxiety?

Historical and anecdotal evidence suggests that cannabis can offer much needed relief for people suffering from the unwelcome symptoms of stress and anxiety. Acting on the endocannabinoid system in the body, cannabis can effectively manage pain and appetite, as well as create a happy, relaxed feeling, and induce sleepiness. It’s important to remember that cannabis affects every user differently, and while some may find relief, others may experience heightened paranoia or exacerbated anxiety.


Which cannabis seeds should I choose if I have anxiety?

Opt for cannabis that will relax the mind rather than supercharge it. CBD cannabis has powerful medicinal benefits, minus the psychoactive side effects. That’s not to say there aren’t THC strains that will do the trick.

For anxiety, try a strain like Critical Purple. Indica-dominant, it provides a deep, relaxing calm that can help you drift off to sleep. With a moderately high THC percentage overpowered by its indica roots, Jack Herer gives a cheerful bliss that can soothe away stress and anxiety.

Can I use medical cannabis in Torrance?

California is one of the few states to have legalized medical cannabis use, and since 1996 Torrance residents have been able to take advantage of this potent plant to help manage symptoms and conditions like chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and more.

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What to see and do in Torrance, California

Without a bounty of local parks for picnics and lounging, and the 1.5 miles of beach along the Pacific Ocean, Torrance, California is a great place to relax. When you’re bored of the outdoors (as if you could ever be), you could check out the Western Museum of Flight for a brief history of aviation, the Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge (designed in 1913 by Irving Gill) or the Southern California Live Steamers Miniature Railroad, one of the first live steam clubs in California.

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