Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Anaheim

top cannabis seeds for sale in Anaheim

The cannabis seeds you need in Anaheim, CA

Have you been searching for a reputable cannabis service that is affordable, fast, and delivers good customer service? Look no further because Grower’s Choice is here to relieve all the stress. Growing seeds in Anaheim, California has never been easier, and we’re here to take your hand and tell you it’s doable! We want to highlight just a few of our products we think you’ll love!

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Anaheim

Buy Amnesia Feminized Cannabis Seeds in Anaheim

Amnesia Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Amnesia might be a little too on the nose because this Sativa-dominant strain combines all the psychedelic effects commonly found in indicas. The strain will also provide an uplifting high that may boost mood.

Buy American Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds in Anaheim

American Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Are you in an energy slump? Let us introduce you to American Haze, your new best friend! If you’ve been lacking in the creative department and need a new muse, this strain will amp you up and give you an uplifting sensation that will leave you happy.

Buy Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds in Anaheim

Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

AKA Cindy or C99, Cinderella 99 is a popular Sativa-dominant strain paired up with the famous Jack Herer cannabis plant. This strain grows into a very potent plant and gives off a sweet, citrus-scented strain that gives you boosts of energy and creativity and will leave you fading into sweet sleep sedation.

Buy Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds in Anaheim

Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Tracing its lineage from Sour Diesel and Afghani Indica, the perfect combo creates a high-Sativa strain tempered with the whole-body relaxation of Indica.

Buy Great White Shark Feminized Cannabis Seeds in Anaheim

Great White Shark Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A Great White Shark is usually known for its “killer” instincts and frightening appearance, but when it comes to this strain, it’s nothing but. The beast of a strain provides just the right amount of energy, paired with efforts of relaxation and meditation.

Cannabis laws in Anaheim, California

Since Prop 64 was passed, marijuana seeds, flowers, and products have been deemed legal, up to a point. While you still cannot carry pounds of the cannabis plant on your person, you can hold up to 28.5 grams (that’s one ounce) regardless of whether or not you have a medical marijuana card. This means patients and recreational users alike can use marijuana as they wish – in the safety of their own homes, of course.

Cannabis seed delivery to Anaheim, California

We specialize in delivering the best strains to our customers who are serious about growing or want to take up a pastime. Either way, you’ll never have to search in a store for our products; we’ll deliver them right to your home in Anaheim, California!

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