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Medical cannabis use in California has been legal since 1996, making it easy to find cannabis seeds, and in Stockton, you can shop for seeds as you shop for a new pair of kicks – online! The catalog on Growers Choice marijuana seeds features a curated selection of carefully cultivated feminized cannabis seeds, both regular and auto-flowering.

What are Marijuana Seeds?

The cannabis industry is synonymous with California, especially Northern California. Many a marijuana plant has been consumed with gusto in the area, but these days, the business of cannabis booming, and a lot of that comes from people who are growing their own cannabis plants. For that, starting with seeds is a great way to go. One needs not rely on cannabis professionals to grow and harvest the plants one consumes anymore. You can get a cannabis harvest going at home! Now, your cannabis garden will start with what you might call marijuana seeds, weed seeds, or pot seeds. It’s all the same version of the cannabis plant, which is the scientific name. Here’s a little cannabis knowledge to get your cannabis garden booming.

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Things Worth Knowing as a First-Time Grower

Ask any experienced grower of at-home cannabis, feminized seeds are vital. Why are feminized cannabis seeds so crucial? Well, what is your cannabis harvest all about? The buds, right? Buds are where almost all the THC is found in marijuana. Only female plants have buds, though. Don’t leave yourself with even a slight possibility of getting a male plant in the mix. With fully-feminized seeds, you can almost guarantee female marijuana plants each and every time.

As a first-time grower, you may also want plants of the auto-flower variety. Most marijuana seed strains are photoperiod, which means it takes a specific light cycle to get them to flower. Now, that’s manageable, but it does take more effort. With auto-flowering seed strains, your plants will begin their flowering time based on the age of the plant. Plus, a wide selection of premium strains are now available in auto-flowering form!

Cannabis Laws in Stockton, California

A lot of the cannabis advocacy that has helped legalize medical marijuana and recreational marijuana around the United States began in Northern California. Indeed, California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana. Then, in 2016, recreational marijuana was legalized as well. Before you get to planting your own marijuana seeds, though, there is something to know.

Some cannabis growers enjoy growing their plants outdoors. If you live somewhere that has a climate conducive to outdoor growing, that’s great, as it will save you more money and also can lead to bigger yields. The weather of Northern California is largely good for outdoor growing, but the cannabis laws in California actually are not. You are allowed to grow up to six plants at a time at home, but they must be grown in a room that can be locked, and the plants can’t be within “normal view.” Obviously, that means outdoor growing is not legal. If you want to comply with the laws, indoor growing is the way to go.

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Online Cannabis Seed Banks for Stockton

Sure, you have to legally grow plants in a locked room, but that’s not so bad. The key when it comes to marijuana seeds is finding the best seed bank for you. A reliable, trustworthy source of high-quality cannabis seeds is crucial to enjoying your at-home growing. You should be offered fully-feminized cannabis seed strains, of course, but there is more to the story. These cannabis professionals should be dedicated to customer service. That means fast, reliable discreet shipping. That means a germination guarantee on every order. By going with a great cannabis seed bank like Growers Choice or Pacific Seed Bank, among others, you can really get yourself off on the right foot in Stockton. Happy growing!

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Jerry L. From Stockton uses CBD cannabis

I heard that cannabis is good in addressing anxious thinking, but I didn’t believe it until I tried it. I picked Growers Choice CBD Blueberry because it was supposed to have a good taste, and it did! It was relatively easy to grow, and I have to say I like how it affected me, and calmed me down when I was feeling really out of sorts.

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