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Whether you’re looking for feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, or medical seeds, Growers Choice has you covered with weed seed delivery to San Bernadino, California. Your orders always come in discreet packaging and our seeds come with a 90% germination guarantee.

What are Cannabis Seeds?

Southern California and the cannabis plant go hand in hand in the minds of many. That has been true for decades. Some find it to be a magical plant, though it is no magic, but the product of nature, and also many hardworking, talented cannabis breeders out there. However, you can have the cannabis experience without the dispensary experience. Just grow your own plants, which will save you money, and arguably be a better use of your time. Now, when you are looking for cannabis products in San Bernardino, you are looking for cheap cannabis seeds, or call them weed seeds or pot seeds. Hemp is also cannabis, but when you are buying seeds in San Bernardino, you can trust they will be of the marijuana ilk.

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Buy feminized cannabis seeds through our online seed bank
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds and Auto-Flowering Seeds in San Bernardino

For a fantastic experience as a cannabis grower, you are looking for your favorite strains, of course, or some new fun strains you think will be worth trying. A wide selection of marijuana seeds is out there for all sorts of strains, but what you need as an at-home grower is feminized seeds, not regular seeds.

Here’s the crucial difference. When it comes to marijuana, only female plants have buds. With regular cannabis seeds, you could easily get a male plant. With fully-feminized marijuana seeds, you effectively can guarantee yourself female plants each and every time. Feminized weed seeds are the way to go.

You may also want to consider auto-flowering cannabis seeds as well. Photoperiod strains are totally cool! They aren’t an issue like regular weed seeds. The only thing is that they need to be exposed to a certain light cycle in order to enter the flowering stage. Auto-flowering plants, though, flower based on the age of the plant. That makes things a bit easier for novice growers.

Cannabis Laws in California

As we noted, Southern California has been synonymous with cannabis for decades. That doesn’t mean it was always legal, though. Now, the state did open the door to medical marijuana users in 1996. While it wasn’t the first state to legalize recreational cannabis use, California did get there early as well.

Having said that, there is something to know in San Bernardino before you start growing your own plants at home. When you plant your favorite seeds, know that cultivation of cannabis seeds can only be done legally indoors. All cannabis plants must be grown in a room that is private and locked. So don’t cultivate your cannabis garden outdoors, because that’s not legal.

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Growers Choice has over 500 marijuana seeds for sale in California
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Online Seed Banks for San Bernardino

To avoid the dispensary experience, an online seed bank is the way to go. With a quality, trustworthy cannabis seed bank, you get top-tier genetics, but also amazing customer service. Every seed should be fully feminized, but you should also be on the lookout for lab-tested cannabis seeds from your seed bank. Even a high-quality cannabis seed bank should offer a germination guarantee on every order, plus fast, reliable, and discreet shipping. Seed banks, such as Growers Choice, also come with affordable prices and unbeatable prices you won’t find anywhere else!

If you are looking for the best cannabis seed banks for San Bernardino, you could go with Growers Choice Seeds. As a resident of California who presumably loves a little cannabis every now and again (or quite a bit of cannabis, which is your business) making the move to growing your own plants is wise. Just be sure you have found the right seed bank for you because that is key to your experience.

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