Where to buy cannabis seeds in Sacramento?

The recent legalization of cannabis in California has many Sacramentans asking the logical next question: Where can I get Sacramento cannabis seeds? While there are several local dispensaries, the favorite answer for those seeking a range of premium seeds has been Growers Choice—a North American company that takes charge of everything from the horticultural science to the packaging and distribution.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Sacramento

Guaranteed 90% germination from our cannabis seeds.

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Super Silver Haze 80S / 20I 16% THC Daytime
Mazar 80I / 20S 18% THC Evening
White Widow 60S / 40I 26% THC Daytime

Can I get cannabis seeds in Sacramento?

Growers Choice gives Californinans more than 20 strains to choose from for their feminized cannabis seeds, including auto-flowering, fast-flowering, and medical varieties. All of these are carefully bred and selected for optimum germination, and will flourish in the sunny climes of southern California, or in any indoor growing space. The availability of seeds and sunlight in this golden state gives truth to the old phrase, “Just add water.”


Can cannabis seeds treat symptoms and illnesses?

From the cannabis seed springs the cannabis plant. Cannabis is a highly effective medicine for the treatment of countless illnesses and symptoms. Among its more remarkable results, proven in scientific studies, cannabis has shown itself to be a good treatment for glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy (by drastically reducing the frequency of seizures), and has shown great promise in mitigating the symptoms of diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and cancer.

Can cannabis seeds be shipped to me in Sacramento?

When you order from Growers Choice, it’s easy to order a shipment of cannabis seeds in Sacramento. Shipping is safe and entirely confidential – our discreet packaging keeps your delivery private – and our flat shipping rate eliminates surprise charges. Your cannabis seeds will be delivered straight to your door.

Is cannabis legal in Sacramento?

Since the passing of Proposition 64, cannabis is legal in California, for recreational and medical use. It is legal keep an ounce of cannabis, and to grow a maximum of six cannabis plants. In other words, feel free to choose your favorite strains from Growers Choice, and garden your way to all-natural health.

What to see in Sacramento?

Sactown is the site of stunning riverside skylines ranging along intersection of the Sacramento River and the American River. Residents and visitors alike flock to the Old Sacramento area to see the Big Four Building, or to the historic Sutter’s Fort neighborhood. Cultural enthusiasts can take in the Crocker Art Museum, lovers of film catch the Sacramento French Film Festival, and sports fans can take in a game starring the Sacramento Kings or the Sacramento River Cats.

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Sacramentans love their Growers Choice cannabis seeds

I’ve ordered from Growers Choice twice now, and I won’t order from anywhere else. Both times my seeds arrived in good time, well packaged, and my first set of three seeds sprouted with no issues. I can’t wait to germinate my second set!

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