Where do I buy cannabis seeds in Los Angeles?

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Los Angeles

Try growing cannabis in Los Angeles from our world class selection of seeds.

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Los Angeles Cannabis Seeds

In California, you can find cannabis in many different forms, including flower, concentrates, topicals, pills, and edibles. Thanks to Growers Choice, you can also buy premium Los Angeles cannabis seeds, and have them delivered right to your door. It’s easy to find exactly the strain you need, because our product descriptions are loaded with helpful information.

Take these three great strains, for example:

Maybe you’ve just come from an exciting family trip to Paramount Pictures, or have seen some of your favorite celebrities listed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Wherever you are in Los Angeles, a quick search will give you a list of options. And if you are housebound or don’t feel like driving to a dispensary, order online from Growers Choice Seeds to have your weed seeds shipped straight to your door.


Weed seed delivery to Los Angeles?

buy weed seeds online Los Angeles

We’ll ship your cannabis seeds right to your door

Growers Choice Seeds delivers high quality weed seeds anywhere in the world. All you need to do is go online and choose the best strain for your needs (White Widow, OG Kush, AK Auto, etc), and we’ll do the rest. Growers Choice Seeds has a germination rate of 90 percent, which means if more than one of your 10 seeds don’t grow, we will send you new ones for no charge!

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Gone are the days of throwing unexpected male marijuana plants in the trash. With fully-feminized cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, you can take the guess work out of your next grow and get a better harvest than ever before. These genetically guaranteed seeds only sprout female plants, which means they don’t contain any Y chromosomes. How does that help you? No more worrying about male plants ruining your crop. 

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Marijuana can treat countless maladies

With feminized seeds, there are no wasted plants, so you also don’t have to plant as many at the outset, either. You can sit back and relax with the knowledge that every one of your plants will be female, saving you money and potential headaches from having to deal with male, pollinating plants.

Every single strain of cannabis seed sold here at Growers Choice is feminized, making the ordering process even simpler. And, feminized cannabis seeds are completely reliable. We hand-select each one making sure only the freshest seeds arrive at your door. Packed in medical-grade glass vials, we make also sure our seeds are shipped with the utmost care. 

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How can I use cannabis for my pain?

benefits-and-advantages-to-cannabisMarijuana is a great alternative to more dangerous medications like opioids. The all-natural plant can help with a wide range of symptoms such as headaches and migraines.

Whatever your illness, it’s worth giving cannabis a try. It will alleviate your symptoms without causing dangerous side effects that could lead to death. Instead, cannabis seeds grow into plants that generally cause only minor side effects. Your body can’t become chemically addicted to marijuana (unlike opioids), and no one has ever overdosed.graines Cannabis can treat migraines, loss of appetite, and stress, and can even offer healing treatment for ADHD, epilepsy, and arthritis.

Why CBD Blueberry is a medical favorite

There is still so much to know about medical marijuana, but this much we know: certain strains can offer enormous help in alleviating medical symptoms, namely chronic pain. CBD Blueberry is a strain that is well-known to help erase pain naturally, and while its at it, CBD Blueberry will knock out your stress and anxiety, too. And if your pain is keeping you up at night, this strain will help you get the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a while. So if you haven’t tried CBD yet or experienced the numerous medical benefits that come with smoking this strain, now is your chance to give it a try.

If you suffer from pain caused by the following conditions, try cannabis!

post-surgery complications

  1. fibromyalgia

and many other medical conditions.

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Cannabis to Treat Headaches


Whether you deal with “minor” tension headaches that last only briefly, or regular migraines (and we’re so sorry!), lots of people find cannabis is a suitable treatment for the pain. It might seem counterintutive considering other people complain of headaches caused by cannabis, but as long as you are choosing the right strains and not over-doing it (and in some cases avoiding smoking, as the smoke itself can cause problems), you might just discover your new favorite cure in marijuana. One 2015 study fuond 103 and 121 subjects with migraines benefited from cannabis! Learn more with our Treating Migraines article!

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Is cannabis legal in Los Angeles?

Since legislation passed in November 2016, it is legal to use cannabis for recreational and medical purposes, and many dispensaries around the city make different marijuana products available. Enjoy your weed after a long day at work, or to block the symptoms from chemotherapy. Whether you smoke it, vaporize it, or eat it, legal cannabis is one of the best natural medications on the market.

Choose your Los Angeles cannabis seeds today – we ship from the west coast, so your order will arrive within days!

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