Where to buy cannabis seeds in Irvine?

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Your source for premium cannabis seeds in Irvine, CA.

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Super Silver Haze 80S / 20I 16% THC Daytime
Northern Lights Auto-Flowering 80I / 10S 19% THC Evening
OG Kush 55S / 45I 27% THC Evening

Is it easy to grow cannabis seeds using hydroponics?

Of the several successful indoor growing techniques, hydroponic growing environments tend to be the most time consuming, and not necessarily the first choice for novice cannabis gardeners. Check out our blog post on the pros and cons of hydroponics for more information.

How do I know which cannabis seeds to buy?

Not even all the time in the world would be enough to document the number of cannabis strains available, which is growing every day! If you don’t know which cannabis seeds are right for you, first ask yourself what you need them for: pain, nausea, can’t sleep, to relax? Next, talk to one of our experts. We’re here to answer your questions and offer advice to ensure you get exactly what you need.


If smoke cannabis in Irvine, will I get in trouble?

When it comes to cannabis, Californian’s are on easy street. Medical cannabis has been legal in this state since 1996, and in 2016 the Adult Use Marijuana Act was passed, allowing residents not participating in the legal cannabis program to use cannabis, and cultivate up to six plants without penalty.

To buy premium quality cannabis seeds, like Cheese and AK, in Irvine, visit Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online. We ship directly to your door, and offer a 90% germination guarantee. If your seeds don’t germinate we will gladly replace them, free of charge!

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Bought cannabis seeds for my mom – she thought growing cannabis at home would be more economical. We were really impressed with the customer service and how easy it was to germinate our seeds.

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