Where to buy cannabis seeds in Garden Grove?

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Can I grow CBD cannabis using hydroponics?

You can grow any cannabis strain using the hydroponics growing method, although it is a bit more time consuming than growing in soil. Hydroponics simply use nutrient-rich water instead of soil. For more detailed instructions on growing cannabis with hydroponics, check out our recent post on the subject.


Is there a lot of CBD in cannabis grown with hydroponics?

Depending on the cannabis strain you choose to germinate, whether you choose to grow your cannabis in soil or hydroponics will not affect the amount of CBD present in the strain. Innovative techniques and dedicated gardeners have been able to crossbreed strains of cannabis to increase the percentage of CBD, creating new, medically beneficial cannabis strains, like CBD Moby Dick and CBD Critical Mass, for patients worldwide.

How much cannabis can I grow in Garden Grove?

Medical cannabis patients have legally been able to grow cannabis in Garden Grove, California since 1996, and as of November 2016, recreational users can cultivate cannabis seeds for personal use. The caveat in this circumstance, however, is that you are only allowed 6 plants at a time.

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Taking in the scenery in Garden Grove, California

Garden Grove, California is a quintessential American town, and plays host to the annual Garden Grove Strawberry Festival, one of the largest community festivals in the United States. If you aren’t hanging about in one of the local parks (Garden Grove Park is a popular favourite), you may want to take a Garden Grove Historical Society tour of the city’s historic homes dating back to the town’s 19th century origins.


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