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Nicknamed “The Education Community,” Fullerton is known for its many colleges, universities, and schools. Located in Orange County, California, it is an ideal place to discover, or perfect, your home-growing skills. Below, we cover local cannabis laws, and growing tips, along with providing a glimpse into the intriguing world of ultra-high-quality cannabis strains.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant that has been used for recreational and medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.

Small and richly-hued, cannabis seeds contain all the genetic information required to grow an entirely new cannabis plant. Healthy seeds will have a rich hue and slight sheen. Aspiring and seasoned home growers alike dramatically improve their odds of achieving a successful grow by beginning with healthy, high-quality seeds. While home growing laws vary by state, it is legal to purchase ungerminated seeds in all fifty states.

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Fullerton Cannabis Seeds

Known for its progressive laws on cannabis, California permits the use and sale of recreational weed for adults 21 and above. As such, the local cannabis culture has flourished. Aspiring and experienced growers alike are permitted to grow up to six cannabis plants for personal use. More information on cannabis laws in California is available here.

At first glance, growing your own cannabis is beneficial for fairly straightforward reasons. It is an affordable and practical way to produce your own small batch of legal weed for personal use.

However, growers of all experience levels often find the experience of cultivating cannabis to be quite rewarding in its own right. There is a wealth of educational information available to newbies and experts alike. Whether you’re looking for the simplest and most straightforward method possible, or are a seasoned gardener looking to fine-tune your process, one thing always remains the same: a successful grow begins with obtaining high-quality seeds.

In fact, residents of Fullerton have access to cannabis seed strains of the highest quality. When it comes to researching which seeds to plant, individual tastes will vary. Perhaps you are looking for high-THC seeds, or maybe you’d like to avoid any mind-altering effects entirely. Some prefer the sharp lucidity of a pure sativa, others adore the heavy lull of indicas.

Regardless of your personal tastes, a truly exceptional online seed bank is one of the best resources for obtaining quality weed seeds and cultivating your own cannabis at home. Throughout this guide, we’ll provide tips on how to differentiate quality seed banks from the competition and educational information on cannabis for those new to gardening. 

Types of Cannabis Seeds

There are different varieties of seeds for sale. Each type has unique benefits. Below, we highlight the differences between feminized, regular, and autoflowering seeds. 

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Feminized Seeds

Simply put, feminized seeds are seeds processed to produce only female plants. These types of seeds are particularly useful because they produce plants with notably higher yields and abundant flowers. 

Here’s how it works: When a female cannabis plant is pollinated by a male plant, its efforts are then split between seed production and resin productionIf you’re looking to breed plants, this is all well and good, but for those seeking the most potent plants possible, it’s not ideal. A pollinated female plant will inevitably divert its attention away from resin production and towards seed production. 

Feminized seeds solve this issue. As there is no chance of pollination, your feminized seeds will focus their efforts squarely on producing the most potent buds possible. As such, feminized seeds are an excellent choice if you are growing marijuana at home for recreational purposes. 

Regular Seeds

As the name implies, regular seeds are cannabis seeds that have not been processed in any particular way. They are the seeds that are produced when a male plant pollinates a female plant. Typically, regular seeds are preferred only by breeders who are looking to flex their creativity muscles and develop new strains. For your everyday home gardener simply looking to produce high-yielding plants, feminized seeds are a better option. 

Autoflowering Seeds

Auto-flower seeds originate from ruderalis. As such, they have a notably high resistance to mishandling, pests, harsh weather conditions, and other potential challenges a newbie grower may want to avoid. They also do not require an adjustment to their light cycles in order to flower. Rather, they produce buds automatically. Finally, they tend to be quite small and compact. Fullerton residents with limited growing space and/or those who would like a lower-maintenance option may prefer auto-flowering seeds. 

Extensive Selection of Cannabis Strains 

If you’re new to the world of home growing or want to refresh your knowledge the following section provides a few key considerations to keep in mind when researching different strains and setting up your grow space. 

High-Quality Strains 

One of the most important factors to consider before beginning your growing journey is the quality of the seeds you intend to buy. The health of your seeds will play a major role in the ultimate potency and general effectiveness of your plants. Seeds that are dry, cracked, misshapen, or otherwise subpar will negatively impact the outcome of your grow—if they even germinate at all. 

One way to ensure you receive high-quality pot seeds is to purchase from an experienced, reputable online seed bank like Growers Choice, which prioritizes the health and quality of their seeds and provides a wide variety of options from passionate, experienced breeders. 

Wide Variety of Sativa and Indica Strains

As mentioned above, it is important to select a seed bank that provides a large selection of seeds. This should include indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. Sativas are known for producing cerebral effects with mental energy and clarity of thought being two famous examples. Indicas, by contrast, tend to provide lulling physical effects, such as relaxation and, at times, a pleasant sense of sedation. 

Hybrid strains contain various ratios of indica and sativa genetics. As such, there are virtually countless blends of both mental and physical effects.

Every individual will have their own unique tastes when it comes to homegrown recreational cannabis. As such, having access to a broad selection of high-quality weed seeds is one of the most effective ways to locate, with total precision, your very favorite strain. 

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Growers Choice Germination Guarantee 
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Germination Guarantee

Another key feature to check for when researching seed banks is to see if they provide a germination guarantee. It’s one thing to claim your seeds are quality and another to back them with a 90% guarantee. Growers Choice is proud to have one of the best germination guarantees in the industry. If you follow this simple germination guide and fewer than 90% of your seeds do not germinate, we will replace your seeds free of charge.

Recommended Strains for Fullerton Home Growers

While every individual will have their own perfect strain, the following list of California-themed seeds may serve as the perfect jumping-off point. 

California Orange Feminized Seeds

Known for its citrus aroma and smooth effects, this strain lifts you up and mellows you out all at once. Described as “sunshine in a bud,” it is ideal for those seeking consistent, balanced effects and a delicious orange scent.

California Orange Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

This auto-flowering variety of the aforementioned strain is sweet, delicate, and unmistakably orange. A perfectly-balanced hybrid, it has a flowering time of 60-70 days and produces average yields of 500 grams per square meter indoors, and 600 grams per plant outdoors. It is best known for its euphoric yet relaxing effects, its joy-sparking properties, and its creamy, fruit-scented smoke.

California Love Feminized Seeds

Once quite rare in seed form, the California Love strain is now available to any home grower in the Golden State. A mixture of both cerebral and physically relaxing effects, this strain produces an excellent mixture of dazzling focus and mental energy—although it is perhaps best summed up in a single word: happy. It can be cultivated both indoors and out, has a 21% THC content, and reaches medium heights.

LA Confidential Feminized Seeds

Smooth and sedating, the LA Confidential feminized seed strain is a tried-and-true classic. Mellow, sedating, and potently pine-like, this strain is adored for its spicy, earth-like scent and euphoric, mood-lifting effects. It has a substantial THC content of 24% and clocks in at a perfect 50/50 indica-to-sativa ratio.

LA Woman Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds

Named for the iconic Doors song, this strain is a near evenly-balanced hybrid. Its effects are relaxing, mood-boosting, and psychoactive. It has a THC content of 23% and flowers in an average of 60-70 days. Additionally, it is suitable for growing both indoors and out, while its 10% ruderalis genetics make it ideal for those seeking a lower-maintenance plant.


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