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Adults in the California city of Costa Mesa are free to enjoy cannabis thanks to the state’s liberal attitude towards marijuana. Californians have long enjoyed the benefits of cannabis and have some of the most revered and sought-after marijuana strains anywhere in the United States. That’s part of the reason why the state has such a thriving cannabis industry that continues to grow and draw in consumers from all over.

Marijuana in Costa Mesa

With the tallest two skyscrapers in all of Orange County, Costa Mesa isn’t afraid to stick out. The growing city continues to attract new residents due to its beautiful weather with mild temperatures, central location near Los Angeles and San Diego, and bustling economy. One part of the economy that is truly thriving is marijuana since both medicinal and recreational cannabis are legal in Orange County and throughout California. Because of that, marijuana enthusiasts can purchase their favorite strains from a licensed cannabis dispensary or even grow their own plants at home.

It’s not surprising that marijuana is so embraced in California since the state was the first to legalize medicinal marijuana. Let’s look at how the area’s cannabis journey to legalization has transpired, what you should know when choosing seeds for at-home cultivation, and the best places to purchase your quality seeds.

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Breakdown of California’s recreational and medicinal marijuana laws
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History of Cannabis in Costa Mesa

In 1972, Californians tried to legalize weed with the country’s first ballot initiative. Even though voters didn’t pass it, the initiative set the stage for the cannabis journey to officially begin. Cannabis lovers wouldn’t be silenced and continued to push forward, which culminated in the decriminalization of people caught possessing small amounts of marijuana. 

After years of vetoes, cannabis lovers gathered 775,000 signatures to get medicinal marijuana on the ballot. Thanks to their hard work, in 1996, California officially became the first state to make marijuana accessible to medical marijuana patients. Under the Compassionate Use Act, patients can legally purchase, possess, use, and cultivate marijuana after first visiting a doctor. With their medical marijuana card, patients can also purchase their desired high-THC strains from a local cannabis dispensary.

The cannabis community wasn’t done and kept an eye on ensuring that recreational cannabis was also legalized. Proposition 64, or the Adult Use Marijuana Act, made legal cannabis the law of the land in 2016! As a result, adults over 21 can purchase, possess, use, cultivate, and transport up to one ounce of dried marijuana or up to eight grams of concentrate for personal consumption. Since that time, there have been constant reforms to protect both consumers and industry stakeholders.

That same year, Costa Mesa’s citizens voted to approve Measure X, which permitted certain non-retail cannabis activities like research, development, manufacturing, and distribution. These things had to take place in one area of the city that’s referred to as the Green Zone. Four years later, voters passed Measure Q, which allowed the city to implement rules to allow cannabis retail activities in the city, including for cannabis delivery or at a local cannabis dispensary. 

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Tips on harvesting marijuana when it’s ready
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California’s Cannabis Industry

As the demand for marijuana has continued to grow, the industry has had to adjust to keep up with it. This has meant adopting a wide assortment of rules to ensure that consumers, cannabis patients, and the cannabis community as a whole remain safe, legal, and accessible. After recreational marijuana was legalized, many cannabis patients lost access to a local non-profit cannabis dispensary near them since more than half of them closed. Instead, for-profit cannabis retail stores were supposed to take their place to offer premium cannabis products.

However, individual cities have been slow to provide retail stores with the permits to provide cannabis connoisseurs with their favorite products. Adding further roadblocks, some county and city officials have downright banned retail locations. Despite all the setbacks, the legal cannabis market has added significantly to the California economy as commercial cannabis cultivation has picked up dramatically.

Due to plenty of cannabis innovations, California provides some of the finest cannabis around to the satisfaction of cannabis users. Regardless if they are in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, or Sherman Oaks, they can enjoy premium cannabis products.

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Benefits of autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds
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Types of Cannabis Seeds Available

If you’re interested in the cultivation of cannabis seeds, you’re in luck because there are plenty of options to choose from to get the job done! With so many seeds for sale, you need to know the top choices ahead of time to ensure you have a convenient experience when you’re ready to grow your own cannabis plants. Some of the premium cannabis seeds you should look out for are feminized, autoflowering, and regular, so let’s take a look at each type to see which is right for you!

Feminized Seeds

To enjoy a more streamlined growing experience, feminized cannabis seeds are an easy choice. Breeders have cultivated these seeds specifically to remove any male genetics. As a result, only female plants grow, which means that growers don’t have to wait in suspense to see which gender will grow. Additionally, there’s no chance for cross-pollination with only females present, and hermaphroditic plants are a thing of the past!

Female plants are a necessity when you’re looking to enjoy some amazing cannabis flower since these plants produce smokable, high-quality buds. Marijuana enthusiasts love how these buds are full of high levels of THC and/or CBD along with other cannabinoids. If that’s not enough of a reward, feminized seeds are some large yielders that have the potential to give you plenty of your favorite strains to enjoy!

Autoflowering Seeds

Another type of seed that’s relatively easy to grow is autoflowering marijuana seeds since they have also been specially cultivated. These types of premium cannabis seeds are bred to automatically flower. As non-photoperiod seeds, they will automatically move from vegetation to flowering without you having to expose them to light or darkness for x amount of hours. Furthermore, growers will love how fast these seeds flower.

Due to their fast flowering times, harvest time can occur in as little as 7-8 weeks. On top of that, multiple harvests are possible during your growing season, ensuring you will have plenty of marijuana to enjoy. One more thing, auto seeds are typically feminized, so, yes, you’ll get those sought-after buds!

Regular Seeds

If you want to flex your creative muscles and create your own strains, regular cannabis seeds are at your disposal. Unlike autoflowering and feminized seeds, they are completely natural and have not been genetically altered in any way. As a result, they produce both genders equally, allowing you to cross male and female plants to create your own unique strain(s). When you choose to cultivate a strain of your liking, you have control over potency levels, amounts of cannabinoids present, and the terpene profile. 

Besides cross-breeding, plants from regular seeds are strong, extra-durable, and can withstand the elements, along with various pests, mold, and diseases–as can many feminized and autoflowering strains. Additionally, if you use clippings from these plants, you can count on healthy clones that root well and grow quickly to provide you with more of your beloved strain!

Where to Purchase Marijuana Seeds

By this time, you should be pumped to purchase some premium cannabis seeds and grow your own marijuana plants! To kick everything off, you need to ensure that you purchase your seeds from the right place. In Costa Mesa, there are plenty of local locations to choose from, but many local growers opt to go the online route. You have a whole gaggle of online seed banks that are ready to make your weed dreams come true!

One of the very best is Growers Choice, which has gained a reputation as one of the top seed banks thanks to a huge selection that’s enviable. Customers also love our low prices that will fit into most anybody’s budget. We offer a variety of seed pack sizes to choose from, and navigating our website is easy-peasy to give you an exceptional experience that you won’t find anywhere else!

Top Three Strains to Cultivate in Costa Mesa

  1. Jack Herer Feminized Seeds – a weed connoisseur’s dream, this sativa-dominant hybrid strain is regarded by some users as helpful for relieving pain and stress, with earthy and woodsy notes
  2. Candy Jack Feminized Seeds – this well-rounded hybrid gives you sativa and indica properties with a high 25% THC content that’s relaxing, energetic, and euphoric without giving you couch-lock
  3. Skunk No. 1 Feminized Seeds – an old-school classic, this well-balanced hybrid is deliciously pungent with its infamous skunky aroma that provides an enduring buzz


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