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Santa Maria is a little slice of heaven, nestled in the foothills of Central California. This article discusses the city in more depth, as well as the California marijuana laws, where locals purchase high-quality seeds, and a few tips for circumventing an insect infestation. 

Santa Maria, California

Santa Maria is located in the beautiful county of Santa Barbara in California, and although it is currently best known for its divine chardonnays and savory pinots, it hasn’t always been so cheery and luxurious. Below, we dive into the city’s history, as well as its current atmosphere!

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Colonization of Santa Maria

The area now known as Santa Maria was first occupied by the Chumash people, who first experienced European colonization when Spanish settlers swarmed into the Santa Ynez foothills in the late 1700s. The Spanish wasted no time, quickly naming the area after Saint Mary and erecting the Mission Santa Maria in 1812. Many of the Chumash who lived in the area were forced to work within its walls and the surrounding, growing city. 

Although quite stunning, the Spanish missions in California commonly stood as pillars of Indigenous subjugation, exploitation, and attempted conversion to Christianity. Native people were the primary labor force for the missions, and while it’s difficult to know whether or not this is true, the history books say that some of the Chumash adopted the European belief system. Many of the missions in California are wrought with the bodies of Native people on or near their grounds, many of whom died due to disease (brought by the Europeans), mistreatment, and murder at the hands of the Spanish. 

Present Day Santa Maria

While the city’s history is undeniably bleak, the Chumash have found some success on their reservation near Santa Maria, particularly due to the ginormous Chumash Casino. The city has also seen some expansion, expanding its agriculture and cattle ranches to industries like aerospace.

Nonetheless, Santa Maria is best known for its vineyards and exceptional wines. The city has grown immensely in recent years, with approximately 108,000 people now residing in the area. 

Landscape and Climate in Santa Maria

The landscape in Santa Maria consists largely of green valleys (depending on the season) and vineyards, with the Pacific Ocean coast just a short drive away. The area offers tons of outdoor activities for locals and tourists, with surfing, hiking, and strolling on grassy knolls being some of the more common.

The Mediterranean climate, which continues nearly all year long, is a huge draw for many tourists, snowbirds, and transplants. The city is generally warm and dry, with occasional rain in the winter and temperatures that are slightly cooler. It’s not uncommon to see surfers in the nearby ocean in the middle of winter! 

Marijuana Laws in California

California is one of the more progressive states when it comes to marijuana legalization, having legalized both medical and recreational cannabis! The current laws state that adults, who are at least 21 years old, can possess, consume, and cultivate marijuana. California residents can possess up to 28.5 grams of weed and up to 8 grams of concentrated cannabis. Cultivation is also permitted, with each residence allowed to grow up to 6 cannabis plants, regardless of the number of adults living in the home.

Although recreational marijuana is permitted, it can be ideal for some residents to pursue a medical marijuana card, since they afford tax exemption from purchases, access to higher potency products, and potentially the ability to cultivate more plants (depending on the local regulations). 

Types of Seeds and Strains

It can be a good idea for cultivators in Santa Maria to brush up on popular seed types and strains, whether seasoned or beginner growers, as it is helpful to be aware of the various options available! 

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Landrace Strains

Landrace strains are indigenous strains of cannabis that have adapted to the local environment of their native area. They are a reflection of the natural evolution of cannabis in environments from all over the world, from the mountains of Afghanistan and Thailand to the plains of South Africa. Generally, landrace strains are known to be very resilient and hardy, having often originated from areas with harsh climates. Some of the more well-known landrace strains include Afghani Kush and Durban Poison. 

Pure landrace cannabis strains are typically not feminized, since they are pure and unaltered strains. However, breeders often merge these strains with other weed strains to create hybrids, of which many are feminized. 

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you’re wondering what we mean by feminized weed seeds, they are seeds that have been bred to remove male chromosomes from the equation. This process is to ensure that nearly every plant grown from these seeds will be a bud-producing female cannabis plant, in contrast to regular seeds which have an equal chance of producing a male or female plant. Essentially, cannabis growers’ lives were made 100% easier with the advent of feminized marijuana seeds, and far more cost-effective! No longer must they spend hours of tedious labor identifying and weeding out male plants. 

Feminized seeds generally have a longer flowering time than auto-flowering seeds and are usually larger, with more buds per plant. This can be an advantage for growers who do not want to cultivate multiple crops and would rather harvest one large yield per season. Some of the higher-yielding feminized strains include The Hog (800 grams per plant) and White Rhino (over 1,000 grams per plant). 

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto-flowering weed seeds are considered an ideal choice for novice growers who do not want to be overwhelmed with tasks during the growing process. These feminized strains are bred with ruderalis genetics to create seeds that are independent of light schedules, flowering of their own accord when they reach a certain age.

Due to the addition of ruderalis, they are quite hardy and resilient, and they tend to have an intrinsic resistance to mold, which Alaska Thunderfuck is a great example of. Generally, auto strains can thrive in conditions that are not necessarily ideal for other strains. With their small size and quick flowering stage, outdoor and indoor growers can grow more than one crop in a season!

Cultivating Cannabis in Santa Maria, California

Cultivating marijuana is a skill set like any other… it takes time and patience! We’ll dive into some of the inevitable inconveniences that each grower must face at some point, as well as where to purchase quality seeds so that your garden starts strong!

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Common Pests and Diseases

Gardens in Santa Maria are unfortunately occasionally plagued by pests like spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, and caterpillars. Diseases like powdery mildew and root rot can also be a threat in the area. Simple tactics to keep infestations at bay include keeping a clean growing environment, inspecting plants regularly, and using pest control products (ideally natural) if vermin are discovered.

Most pests and diseases can be eradicated as long as the grower catches them early on,  but prolonged infestations or diseases that come on with a vengeance can lead to the plant’s death. Beneficial insects can also be a good and sustainable way to keep the pests off your green goddesses!

Reputable Seed Banks

Online seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, offer a huge selection of cannabis varieties that each have a very detailed product description. This is a luxury that many local seed banks do not offer, as they generally have a small selection of strains that are minimally described. Reputable online seed banks also offer discreet shipping and packaging, for those who like to maintain their autonomy. 

Growers Choice Seeds adds a bonus perk for customers by offering an exceptional germination guarantee, which assures that 90% of their seeds are viable and will sprout. Aside from all of these benefits, our staff at Growers Choice Seeds is committed to providing attentive, caring customer service in each interaction. Our extensive library of blogs is free to the public, addressing tons of marijuana cultivation topics! 

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