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Can I Legally Grow Medical Cannabis Plants in California?

As of 2020, residents of the state of California may legally grow cannabis plants for personal use. Both medical and recreational cannabis cultivation is allowed in limited quantities. Medical marijuana legislation was passed in California in 1996. Residents of the state who suffer from a qualifying condition, such as cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain, and others, may obtain a medical marijuana prescription from their health care provider. They can then purchase their medical cannabis at a licensed dispensary located throughout the state, or they may choose to grow their own cannabis plants. Medical marijuana card holders can grow a total of eighteen cannabis plants together at one time, including up to six mature flowering plants, and twelve seedling plants. Those without a medical marijuana card may also grow cannabis plants for recreational purposes. Recreational growers may cultivate a total of six cannabis plants at any stage together at one time. You’ll find a large selection of high quality cannabis seeds for sale online today from Growers Choice Seeds. Order your seeds today for fast delivery to your door.

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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Rialto California

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If you’re looking for a fresh and fruity strain, then you’ll want to check out these high quality cannabis seeds. We carry a large selection of fruity strains in our digital inventory. These strains will have strong citrus or berry flavors, and are mostly indica dominant. Choose from our collection of fruity cannabis seeds, including favorites like

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