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The use of medical and recreational cannabis in the state of California has been legal for quite some time, and residents are permitted to grow their own marijuana plants! In this article, we focus on the city of Clovis, what it is all about, which strains should thrive in the area, and where to purchase the best seeds for your garden. 

Clovis, CA, And Marijuana

The city of Clovis offers residents and tourists a beautiful atmosphere to relax and play. It is family-friendly and home to a plethora of current cannabis growers. Below, we discuss the city in more depth, as well as the current marijuana laws in California. 

A car driving on a road surrounded by trees and mountains in Clovis, CA.
Cultivating cannabis in the state of California. 
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Clovis, California is a beautiful city located in Fresno County of Central California. The city covers an area of approximately 24 square miles and is home to a diverse population of around 120,000 residents. Clovis is nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, offering locals a mountainous escape if they’re ever feeling restless in the city. The San Joaquin Valley stretches westward, providing fertile farmlands for the agriculturally inclined.

Clovis was established as a railroad town in the late 19th century and, over the years, it has evolved from its agricultural roots into a thriving suburban community. However, don’t let that fool you as many a cultivator still exists in the city today. 

Since Clovis is so close to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, many locals can be found hiking, camping, mountain biking, climbing, and fishing on the weekends. The town also hosts community events and festivals throughout the year, bringing the community together in celebration of art, leisure, and local traditions. Clovis is generally thought of as very family-friendly and warm to tourists and transplants. 

Marijuana Laws In California

California is known as a pioneer in bringing positive reform to cannabis laws in the United States. In 1996, far before most of the other states followed suit, the state passed the Compassionate Use Act, which legalized the use of medical marijuana.

Two decades later, in 2016, California took another shocking step by legalizing recreational marijuana through the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. The legalization of recreational cannabis made California one of the first states to legalize weed in its near entirety, as cannabis is also legal to cultivate in the state (up to 6 plants per household). California, in general, remains one of the most progressive states in the country, causing many transplants to flock to the area. To check out the CA marijuana laws in more depth, feel free to visit this site.

For those hoping to obtain a medical marijuana card, you’re in luck because the process is relatively simple. Patients must have a qualifying medical condition and will be afforded a medical card once their licensed physician confirms they need it. Having a medical marijuana card offers people a lot of benefits over purchasing cannabis without one. Medical cardholders often have access to a wider range of cannabis products, including those with higher potency and specific therapeutic properties. Some dispensaries also offer discounts to medical marijuana patients, potentially saving patients money in the long term. 

Types Of Marijuana Seeds And Strains

Since cannabis seeds are legal to cultivate in the state of California, we wager there are heaps of people already taken advantage of this opportunity, as well as a slew of additional aspiring growers. For the newer growers, this section describes various seed types and strains that would potentially thrive in Clovis. 

A person smoking a marijuana joint.
Discover some of the top cannabis strains for cultivation in California.
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized seeds were created to ensure that all of the plants that grew from them would be female, as opposed to regular seeds that produce both male and female plants. Feminized marijuana seeds were first developed in the late 20th century as a response to the challenges faced by cannabis growers when cultivating regular seeds. Today, feminized seeds have become incredibly popular among growers because they same time and resources by not having to cull the male plants. As a result, the grower has a far bigger yield of buds than they would if they used regular plants. For this reason, many online seed banks, such as ours at Growers Choice Seeds, only sell feminized strains since regular strains are usually only effective for breeders.

Auto-Flowering Marijuana Seeds

Breeders took the process even further with auto-flowering feminized seeds. These seeds are revolutionary because they are not photoperiods, like feminized seeds, and do not require light changes to trigger the flowering stage. This trait is inherited from ruderalis, which is added to feminized seeds to give them their auto-flowering capacities. 

Auto-flowering seeds generally have a shorter growth cycle, making them a prime choice for growers who want quicker harvests and multiple yields in a growing season. Their ability to flower under any light conditions makes them a good option for indoor cultivation, as well as for newer growers who do not want to fuss with a light schedule. 

Favorite Strains For Clovis, CA

Since there are so many strains of marijuana to choose from, we’ve decided to give you a head start by suggesting the best ones for the area! Clovis experiences a Mediterranean climate, which makes it possible to cultivate cannabis both outdoors and indoors for a lot of the year. Each option has pros and cons that cultivators should consider.

For outdoor cultivation, Clovis offers gorgeous weather during the spring and summer months, and the warm and sunny weather provides an excellent environment for cannabis plant growth. Outdoor growers can benefit from natural sunlight, which can enhance the flavor and aroma of the buds. Although it’s rare, Clovis has sometimes been hit with scorching heat during the peak of summer, which would require additional care and shading for the plants.

Indoor cultivation in Clovis allows growers to control environmental factors, which can be beneficial during the winter months when outdoor conditions may not be a little iffy. Indoor growers can use artificial lighting and climate control systems to create a heavenly atmosphere for their cannabis plants. Indoor gardens are also better concealed from the public and potential thieves, which could be a consideration. Growers should be aware that indoor setups typically come with higher costs, including equipment and ongoing energy expenses.

So, for growers in Clovis, we recommend the following four legendary cannabis strains:

  1. Sunset Sherbet:
    • Effects: Relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting.
    • Characteristics: THC content of about 20%, Sativa-dominant hybrid. 
    • Flowering Time: Approximately 8-9 weeks.
  2. Tangie:
    • Effects: Energetic, creative, and citrusy.
    • Characteristics: THC content of about 22%, Sativa-dominant hybrid. 
    • Flowering Time: Around 8-9 weeks.
  3. Purple Punch:
    • Effects: Relaxing, sedating, and euphoric.
    • Characteristics: THC content of about 21%, Indica-dominant hybrid. 
    • Flowering Time: Approximately 8-10 weeks.
  4. Super Silver Haze:
    • Effects: Euphoric, creative, and uplifting.
    • Characteristics: THC content of up to 16%, Sativa-dominant hybrid. 
    • Flowering Time: Approximately 9-10 weeks.

Purchasing High-Quality Cannabis Seeds

The first step to having a successful harvest of juicy buds is to choose the right, high-quality strains for your needs. We’ll dive into why online seed banks, specifically ours at Growers Choice Seeds, are such a popular choice.

A beautiful marijuana leaf in hues of green, purple, and yellow.
Everything you need to know about finding a reputable cannabis seed bank in the U.S.
Source: Tim Foster unsplash

Online Seed Banks

At Growers Choice Seeds, we offer a wide selection of exceptionally high-quality strains, including popular and rare varieties. We also provide detailed information about each strain’s genetics, growing characteristics, and effects, allowing growers to choose exactly what suits them and their gardens. We also offer affordable prices and convenient shipping options, as well as an incredible germination guarantee that states that if 90% of our seeds do not germinate, we will replace the duds for free, as long as our simple germination method was utilized. In short, going with us at Growers Choice is the number one choice of Clovis cultivators, and for good reason!

External References

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