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Buying Marijuana Seeds in USA

There are plenty of methods for getting your fill of legal marijuana – be it medical or recreational. Though buying marijuana seeds in the USA is just one way to do this, it’s definitely one of the best! (We might be a bit biased…)

Buying Marijuana Seeds from a Local Seed Bank

The biggest problem with getting marijuana seeds from a storefront is selection: they know only a set number of people come through their doors each day, and only a small percentage of those people are looking for seeds. As a result, it just isn’t feasible for them to carry a large selection of seeds, and the likelihood of their having exactly what you’re looking for is pretty low. So, while you might be able to find your ideal seeds in a store, it’s definitely easier to go online and order them from our extensive selection that is always available, always quick to ship, and always covered by our 90% Germination Guarantee

Is It Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds in USA?

While it’s not necessarily legal to germinate and grow marijuana plants everywhere in the United States (it is in Canada, as long as you have a medical card and follow the bylaws), the actual purchase of marijuana seeds is not prohibited. Buying marijuana seeds in the USA is considered a “hobby” and the seeds are classified as collectors’ items (source 1).

This is due to the fact that prior to germination and cultivation, marijuana seeds do not have measurable levels of the cannabinoids that placed the plants on the Schedule 1 list in the first place.

So worry not! If you want to buy some marijuana seeds just so you can admire our beautiful packaging, smell them, eat them (we really don’t recommend that, though, given the cost!), or get started early on your collection because you’re certain new laws are on the way – have at’er! At Growers Choice, we have tons of unique marijuana seed strains to choose from, and our excellent customer service and detailed resource section make us a pleasure to work with and learn from.

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds in USA

While we’re on the topic of excellent strains for your state, let’s turn to some of the reasons why you ought to pick up your marijuana seeds from Growers Choice, whether it’s your first grow or your 420th.

Here at Growers Choice, we can offer customers a lot of great benefits that might not be available in a store or from another online retailer. Here are just a few examples:

  1. We sell tons of marijuana seed strains, all of which are fully and reliably feminized and tested for authentic genetics. In other words: if you buy some Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds, you can rest assured you’ll be growing Super Silver Haze plants.
  2. Growers Choice marijuana seeds are backed a really, really good germination guarantee. Basically, if you buy a 3-seed or 5-seed pack from us and germinate your marijuana seeds following our simple, straightforward method (this one, right here).
  3. We’re a veritable font of information! Have you checked out our Grow Advice section? Each is chock full of helpful tips and tricks, and important details about planting, caring for, harvesting, curing, and using your marijuana plants. We don’t just coax you into buying marijuana seeds and then say see ya – we’re with our customers every step of the way.
  4. And that dedication extends to our direct contact, too. Whether you’re an independent gardener who bought 3 seeds that one time, or a loyal wholesale client who has purchased thousands from us, we’ll be equally helpful and prompt with our assistance. Not sure which seeds to choose? Shoot us an email! Uncertain about germination? Give us a call! Whatever you need, Growers Choice is here to help you out.

Order Marijuana Seeds Online in USA

Are you still on the fence? Let us tell you a bit about our easy-peasy ordering process.

All you need to do to prepare for your new marijuana gardening experience is hop onto our website for a few minutes. Browse through our marijuana seed selection, which is broken down by type feminized, auto-flowering feminized, and high-CBD strains (also feminized).

Each strain page is accompanied by a detailed product description that can let you know exactly what to expect, and a list of characteristics that give you approximate grow times, specific genetics, effects, and more. You can also check out the reviews of our products to learn what other people thought of our strains.

Once you’ve decided on a marijuana seed strain, simply choose the number of seeds you want, the number of packs (note that it’s cheaper to buy one 10-pack than three 3-packs), and click BUY NOW. Your selection will be added to the cart, which you can access in the upper right-hand corner.

When you’re ready to check out, you just go to that cart (or the button in the sidebar) and you’ll be taken to our safe, secure checkout program, where you can pay in a variety of ways.

That’s it. Yes, really! Your marijuana seeds will be shipped right to your door with fast, discreet delivery.  You’ll get your marijuana seeds quickly after placing your order, and you’ll be growing your own marijuana in no time!

External References

  1. US Department of Justice (DOJ) Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). (2022). Ungerminated cannabis seeds as novelty items. Retrieved from the DEA website.

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