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Cannabis Seed Laws in the USA

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in the USA?

Cannabis Seeds Legal USAWith all the talk from state to state regarding the legality of cannabis, and what aspects are and are not allowed, it’s no wonder people are often asking this question. But while the specifics do vary across the country, there is a surprisingly simple answer to this question:

Yes! Cannabis seeds are legal in the United States!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s take a look at the specifics of this matter.

In recent years, there have been many changes to cannabis use and growing laws in most of the United States. As a result, rules vary quite widely, from zero legalization – medical or otherwise – including decriminalization (though only six states fall into that category, as of early 2018), to legalization of both medical and recreational, personal use (eight states plus D.C., to date). The constant discussion and putting forth of cannabis-related bills suggests we’ll continue to see more changes – and therefore more confusion – in the coming months and years.

But…what about cannabis seeds? Are they legal?

Good point. Up until now, I’ve been referring to cannabis use, and until recently, most people turned to dispensaries and licensed producers to receive their marijuana products. Many such shops legitimately want what’s best for their customers – they want to provide the public with a natural, comparatively safe alternative to opioids and other medications on the pharmaceutical market that have frightening side effects and alarming addiction rates.

But the advantages to growing your own cannabis plants – which we’ll get to in a minute – have sent many people in search of premium cannabis seeds that will enable them to grow medicine right at home.

The good news is: cannabis seeds are legal! As a seed, cannabis is wholly innocuous, not much different from the hemp seeds everyone has started sprinkling on their cereal (though much more expensive per piece – please don’t eat your cannabis seeds…). For this reason, ungerminated cannabis seeds are legal to buy and own throughout the United States.

Here at Growers Choice, we have never heard of a shipment of our seeds being seized or customers being hassled for ordering cannabis seeds and having them delivered. It might help that our seeds don’t cross any international borders on their way to you, but ultimately (we’ll say it again): cannabis seeds are legal!

From Cannabis Seeds to Cannabis Plants

Are Marijuana Seeds IllegalThat said, there are currently only 17 states in the US where growing your own cannabis plants is legal. Eight of these allow recreational growing, and another nine allow cultivation only by those with medical registration. These are the states:

It’s Legal To Grow Recreational Weed In:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • DC
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • Oregon

It’s Legal to Grow Medical Marijuana In:

  • Arizona
  • Hawaii
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Washington

and the 8 recreational states, obviously.

The odd one out here is Washington, where it seems recreational cannabis use is legal, but only medical card holders can grow their own plants.

Why Grow Cannabis If You Can Buy It?

Are Cannabis Seeds Illegal In US

Why would you buy cannabis seeds if your neighborhood dispensary sells your favorite strain?

Well, you might not! Maybe you’re happy with that strain and trust your seller, and that’s fantastic. But if you’ve ever wondered where your prepared bud came from, or been enamored by the thought of having your own little apothecary at home, cannabis seeds could be for you!

When you buy cannabis seeds, you know you’re getting just that: cannabis seeds. You don’t need to wonder what might have gone into the process of preparing your pot, or whether or not it’s organic: you know, because you cultivated and prepared it yourself.

Granted, you’ll have to take our word for the strain and genetics, but our seeds are lab-tested and come from just a couple trusted breeders with decades of experience – and our customers have only glowing, laudatory things to say about us. So we hope you’ll trust us, too.

Growing your own cannabis also saves you money. Sure, the price of a few seeds might seem steep if you’re comparing it to a package of lettuce or cucumber seeds, but think about how much flower you get from a single plant.

Hypothetical Situation

  1. You’re used to paying, say, $12 for a gram (about average as of mid-2017). You have a square-meter indoor growing space, and you’re using a quality HPS lamp.
  2. You buy a 5-seed pack of Northern Lights Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds, for an individual seed cost of $8.80, and you plant 4 seeds in your square-meter indoor space. You’ve now spent $35.20 on seeds.
  3. Our Northern Lights plants can net you about 400 grams of fresh flower per square meter, which works out to about 100 grams dried (you’ll lose about 75% of the weight as it dries). At $12 a gram, that’s $1,200.

So, you can see: even when you factor in the cost your equipment (which you’ll reuse), it is much cheaper to buy cannabis seeds than it is to buy prepared marijuana!

Where Should I Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Choose a trusted retailer, of course! At Growers Choice, we not only sell the freshest, reliably sourced and tested cannabis seeds, but we also offer a fantastic germination guarantee that ensures you really see the savings we outlined above. If fewer than 9 out of 10 cannabis seeds you buy from us sprout, we’ll send you a replacement seed so you can get right back to work!

Add to that our extensive resource section on both planting cannabis seeds and growing cannabis /cannabis-seed-grow-advice/ and the medical benefits of cannabis, and you can just imagine why our customers are raving about us on our product reviews, and sharing their successful images on Instagram (check us out @GrowersChoiceSeeds .)

Why wait? Place your order today, and have your premium cannabis seeds delivered right to your door. Whether you just want to ready your collection for when legalization goes through, or you plant to start your garden right away, cannabis seeds are legal to buy, so you might as well choose Growers Choice, because “we grow better”.


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