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Power Plant 80S / 20I 19% THC Daytime
Northern Lights Auto-Flowering 80I / 10S 19% THC Evening
OG Kush 55S / 45I 27% THC Evening


Buy cannabis seeds in Bunbury

By far, one of the largest stumbling blocks for new and seasoned cannabis gardeners alike is procuring high quality seed genetics in a convenient and timely manner. That problem is a thing of the past when you order your Bunbury cannabis seeds with an online vendor like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds – with a mind for superior customer service and top-notch strains, we regularly ship from the US overseas to our valued customers in Australia.

What makes cannabis taste sweet?

Have you ever taken a puff of a joint and wondered how it could possibly have familiar flavors like candy, lemon, even pine and diesel fuel? Those attributes are afforded to the cannabis plant by important chemicals called terpenes.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Bunbury

Terpenes are the compounds secreted by the cannabis plant that are responsible for giving every strain its unique aroma profile, but they are capable of much more than that. Extracted from the surface of flowers and “sugar” leaves through the trichomes (resin glands), terpenes can also help with pain and relaxation by binding to receptors in our brains, resulting in different effects.

You will find terpenes hard at work in some of your other favorite plants as well, such as rosemary and maca, pine trees, and the citrus plants.

Examples of terpenes include:

  • Pinene: found in pine needles, sage, and Jack Herer
  • Linalool: found in lavender, citrus, rosewood, and Amnesia
  • Limonene: found in juniper, peppermint, citrus rinds and OG Kush

Can medical weed seeds have terpenes too?

Yes! Didn’t you know that cannabis is a medical hard hitter? Along with the famed cannabinoids, terpenes have been shown to provide a host of medical benefits on their own. Pinene can stop inflammation and aid in memory retention, linalool has a calming effect that can help ease stress and anxiety (hence the popularity of lavender in many relaxation rituals), and limonene can elevate the mood and serve as an antidepressant.

Can I buy cannabis seeds legally in Bunbury?

A medical cannabis program was only recently instituted by the government of Australia, making it easier for patients in the country to gain access to the plant as part of their treatment. This is great news for those who have been suffering, though the right to grow your own from scratch has yet to be offered. Until then, Bunbury residents are welcome to purchase top quality cannabis seeds online and have them delivered, since weed seeds are considered a collector’s item when they haven’t been germinated.

Buy cannabis seeds in Bunbury

Sweet like candy or stinky like a skunk, you’ll find the best Bunbury cannabis seeds to suit your flavor profile when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Focused on superior genetics and customer service, we have compiled a selection of top notch cannabis strains from around the world. Every seed is hand-picked and inspected by our own team of horticultural experts, before being sealed in medical-grade glass vials for shipment and storage. It may take a few days longer, but your order from Growers Choice will travel across the ocean and arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition. Concerned about shipping? Reach out to our customer service team via chat, phone (during business hours) or email, and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Growers Choice is no BS. I was ordering from a site that sold single seeds but never again. Delivery from here is twice as fast, and the quality is way better than anything I ever got from them. I’m never disappointed when a package from GC shows up on my door. Much love to you guys.

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