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Popular with Australians for decades, it came as no surprise when the government made the move to legalize medical cannabis across the country. This was a huge step forward for patients suffering from a number of qualifying conditions who could really benefit from incorporating marijuana into their treatment regime (especially if you plant your own Geelong cannabis seeds purchased from a reputable dealer like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds). Of course, many – across the country and around the world for sure – feel that legalizing cannabis (medical or recreational) leads to an increase in usage among young people, a concern grounded in the scientific understanding that cannabinoids like THC can cause damage to a developing brain.

Is cannabis bad for young people?

If the media is to be believed, young people love weed. And why wouldn’t they? A toke provides a relatively innocuous and “safe” experience for teenagers, and can prove an excellent way to unwind after a week-long study session for college kids. We know that cannabis is not nearly as dangerous (dare we say lethal) as other recreational drugs like alcohol, heroin, or other uppers/downers, but the negative reputation lingers.

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Thanks to a wealth of medical research, cannabis has begun to enjoy a more positive association, and has been proven effective in clinical applications. That said, we do know that too much THC – the psychoactive cannabinoid – can cause damage to a developing brain. We don’t recommend anyone under the age of 25 use THC products on a regular basis.

Is medical cannabis safe for kids?

There are many situations where THC can be beneficial in helping a patient deal with symptoms of their condition, especially those with chronic pain, mood disorders, sleep disorders, and trouble with appetite. But no physician or parent is comfortable with a THC prescription for a child or teenager. Fortunately, doctors have isolated another popular cannabinoid, CBD, as having a host of beneficial effects without the unsettling “head high” provided by THC. CBD products have successfully treated children with conditions like intractable epilepsy and autism.

Can I legally grow weed in Geelong?

Aussie patients may have recently earned the right to access medical cannabis with a prescription from their doctor, but they have yet to be granted the right to plant their own therapeutic gardens. Bummer. But time will tell how long it takes for the government to allow the practice on private property, and while patients are waiting, they can stock up on seeds by shopping online, since cannabis seeds are considered a collector’s item when not germinated.

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It’s always a good time to shop online for Geelong cannabis seeds, the best of which you will find when you visit Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online. We carry a curated selection of top notch strains, ideal for medical and recreational purposes. Carefully cultivated by our team of expert horticulturalists, we hand-pick and inspect every seed to guarantee our customers receive fresh, high-quality, viable seeds in every order. Once your order has been placed, we package your seeds in medical-grade glass vials to ensure their safety in transit, and ship across the ocean from our US facility to your home in Geelong, Australia.

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My transaction went super smooth! First time ordering from these guys, really impressed with how they made it over the ocean without losing their quality. With my little indoor set up, they germed really well and are doing really good. We aren’t at the flowering stage yet, looking forward to it!

Rhys I., Geelong