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It’s been around for decades and everybody has heard of it, but not everyone is fully aware of how beneficial cannabis can be for your health. This is evidenced by the continuing debate around whether the use of the plant for both medical and recreational purposes should be legalized. Of course, Australia took one giant leap for pot lovers recently when they decided to allow residents of the country to access medical cannabis as a treatment option. Recreational use is on the horizon, as the Green party continues to preach how access to top quality Ballarat cannabis seeds (available for sale online from reputed dealers like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds – we ship to Ballarat!) will benefit everyone!

What is cannabis good for?

Depending on who you talk to, cannabis has a wealth of benefits. Recreational users tend to like high-THC strains for their ability to help relax the mind and body, and make your day (night, weekend) a little brighter, thanks to this cannabinoids’ psychoactive side effects. CBD, on the other hand, the second most commonly occurring cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, is not psychoactive, can block the hallucinogenic qualities of THC is both are present at the same time, and provides a host of medical benefits, including relief from pain, stress and anxiety, and proving an effective treatment for intractable conditions like epilepsy.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Ballarat

For the most part, Australians across the country are in favor of recreational cannabis legalization (and, in fact, a recent opinion poll suggested that about 30% feel this way), and if the government were to take that next step they would be joining the handful of jurisdictions around the world who have already done so, including Uruguay, Catalonia, and nine states in North America, not to mention following after Canada, where reform has been underway for a few years now.

Can I grow weed seeds in Ballarat?

Despite the positive opinion most Australians hold of cannabis (it’s thought that at least 750,000 Australian’s use ganja on a weekly basis), it’s taken quite a long time for the government of the country to come around. And while they have legalized medical cannabis for patients participating in the country’s medical cannabis program, planting weed seeds is not allowed.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to wait until they day the decision is made to stock up on top quality cannabis seeds. Weed seeds are considered collectors items when not germinated.

Best cannabis seeds in Ballarat

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