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White Widow 60S / 40I 26% THC Daytime
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Anyone can plant a garden, but it takes time and finesse to produce the kind of therapeutic plants that are the envy of your friends and relatives. Obviously, for that kind of high quality medical cannabis you need to start with the best quality Hobart cannabis seeds, like those you’ll find online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, a leading vendor of superior genetics on the world wide web (psst – we deliver across the ocean on the reg!)

How do I know if my cannabis seeds are viable?

To the untrained eye, a cannabis seed is a cannabis seed is a cannabis seed. On closer inspection, however, it’s possible to tell if the seed you’re about to germinate is going to grow into a beautiful, healthy plant or whether it will develop a taproot at all. There are a few tricks that can help even the most amateur weed gardener determine whether the seeds they’ve just received are going to do what they’re supposed to. Look for:

Best cannabis seeds in Hobart

  • Dark color: a “good” seed will be brown, black, or grey. White or green seeds are considered immature. Viable seeds may also feature a stripes or spots.
  • Waxy coat: healthy seeds have a thin waxy coat, which should have a slight sheen
  • Hard shell: a viable seed should have a hard shell. If you hold the seed between your fingertips and apply light pressure, you shouldn’t be able to crush it.
  • No cracks: cracks or holes in the surface of a seed are a sure-fire indicator your seed won’t sprout.

Can I test a weed seed to see if it’s good?

If your seeds have satisfied the above criteria but you’re still hesitant, there are two more relatively reliable tests you can employ to check the viability of your weed seeds.

  • Float the seeds in water – drop your cannabis seed in a cup of warm water and wait a few hours. If the seeds sink they should be good to grow. (Literally. Germinate those puppies! Once seeds have become saturated you’ll need to begin the germination process, they cannot be preserved after this.)
  • Germinate – the best way to tell if your seeds will germinate is to germinate them. Our step-by-step instruction guide will get you started off just right.

Are cannabis seeds legal in Hobart?

Hundreds of thousands of Australians support the use of both medical and recreational marijuana across the country, and the government recently acknowledged at least the benefits of allowing patients with qualifying conditions access to medical cannabis as part of their treatment. The clinical applications of medical cannabis span the gamut, from relief from chronic pain to causing cellular death in certain forms of cancer. This step leaves pot proponents in Hobart and other Aussie cities hopeful that the government will make the move to legalize recreational cannabis, as well as the ability for residents to grow their own.

While it remains taboo to cultivate your own weed for personal use at home, cannabis seeds are considered an adult novelty item and possession doesn’t carry a penalty. You can purchase cannabis seeds online in Hobart without fear of reprisal.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Hobart

Trust is key when it comes to shopping online for Hobart cannabis seeds, and at Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, are track record is proven – superior quality pot seeds at a reasonable price, delivered to your doorstep. All of our strains are carefully cultivated and our seeds hand-picked and inspected to guarantee quality and viability. Every order is packaged in a medical-grade glass vial to ensure freshness and provide protection during transit, and we regularly ship from the US to customers in Australia.

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This was my first order from Growers Choice. They offered pretty fast delivery, and had all the seed varieties I wanted at what I would consider to be fair prices. The packaging was discreet, no complaints there. I highly recommend Growers Choice, in fact I think they will be the only seed back I order from in the future.

Carl C., Hobart