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From coast to coast (to coast), the popularity of cannabis in Australia is on the rise, boosted, no doubt – by the government’s recent decision to legalize medical cannabis use for patients who have an illness that falls under the list of qualifying conditions. Not that Australian’s aren’t already pleased with marijuana – a survey showed that, in general, the population has been pro-pot for decades, with at least 750,000 locals enjoying a little ganja on a weekly basis. Serious weed lovers know that the best shake comes from your own garden, however, and purchase their Tasmania cannabis seeds from online vendors like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, an American company happily shipping our seeds across the ocean on a regular basis.

Why is medical cannabis important?

Currently, there is a global crisis – an epidemic of patients and people who’ve become addicted to pain reliving medications. For a very long time, people suffering and in pain have only been able to turn to opioid-derived medications to find relief. However, more and more have begun to recognize the potential therapeutic and pain relieving options of marijuana thanks to anecdotal evidence from various studies that point to its potential to effectively treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions, from chronic pain and insomnia to significantly reducing the number of near-fatal seizures.


Is it legal to plant weed seeds in Tasmania?

The government of Australia may have made the landmark decision to legalize the use and possession of weed of patients participating in the countries medical cannabis program, but they have yet to give individuals here the right to cultivate their own little gardens chock full of potentially therapeutic plants. As the general position of the people in regards to weed tends to be quite favorable, we can expect that this condition will be reversed in the near future. For now, any interested party is welcome to purchase and store their favorite cannabis seed strains, since seeds are considered innocuous, an adult novelty item when not germinated.

Best cannabis seeds in Tasmania

The Internet is open 24/7, which means it’s always a good time to stock up on your favorite Tasmania cannabis seeds, especially when you shop online with a reputed international seed vendor like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Our products are 100% natural, carefully grown and hand-picked by our team of horticultural experts to guarantee our valued customers receive nothing but the best quality, and, more importantly, viable cannabis seeds with every order place. Indicas, sativas, and popular hybrids, we know you’ll find what you’re looking for in our carefully curated selection. Place your order and your precious seeds will be placed into a medical-grade glass vial to ensure freshness and viability in transit, with delivery direct to your front door.

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What do our customers in Tasmania have to say about Growers Choice

Growers Choice – easily the best seedbank I’ve dealt with. Nice site, easy to get around and shop. Almost always have exactly what I want in stock (I think I only had a problem once with a seed I wanted not being available). They ship really fast, and I haven’t had a single issue with germination. They take pride in what the do, and I appreciate that, specifically because growing weed is quite the investment.

Alister J., Tasmania

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