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Who needs sleep? Frankly, everyone, but how many of us can claim that we get the right, or even an adequate amount of sleep on a regular basis? Very few. In fact, most of us can probably admit to being quite adept at hitting the snooze button multiple times, not to mention how it could technically be an Olympic sport for insomniacs. Did you know that cannabis can help people struggling with sleep disorders to have a better, restful sleep? Find potent Adelaide cannabis seed strains that will bring the sandman for a visit when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds – we deliver to Adelaide, Australia.

How does cannabis help sleep disorders?

Long known for its ability to “chill” a person out, and an upcoming study by the University of Western Australia seeks to discover whether the sedative effectives of cannabis can help chronic insomniacs get the sleep their bodies so desperately crave.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Adelaide

It’s common knowledge among cannabis proponents that indica cannabis strains can induce heavy, sleepy effects (often characterised as a “couch-lock”), as opposed to sativa strains, which are known to be more uplifting and energizing. Many theorize that this difference has to do with the terpene content of indica strains – the compound responsible for marijuana’s unique aromas and contributing to each strain’s individual fingerprint.

What are the best weed seeds for insomnia?

Do you find yourself struggling to get to sleep or stay asleep at night? You might want to consider cannabis as an alternative herbal nightcap and part of a healthy nighttime routine. Both CBD and THC rich cannabis strains can help increase a person’s ability to fall asleep, but some strains are better than others. A few extremely popular strains for sleep disorders include:

Here, a few more fast facts you might want to consider when choosing cannabis to help you sleep:

Aged cannabis is better for a good night’s sleep: cannabis that has been aged will have higher levels of the highly sedating cannabinol, or CBN, one of the lesser known cannabinoids.

Edibles may take longer to take effect but, because cannabinoids are processed through the liver when ingested this way and converted to a more potent chemical, they tend to be more effective at helping people stay asleep

Is it legal to purchase cannabis seeds in Adelaide?

Although millions of Australians have used cannabis at least once in their lives, and a whopping 750,000 believed to be using cannabis at least once a week, it’s surprising that the government of Australia only just recently gave the go-ahead for residents to access medical cannabis as a form of treatment. They haven’t given the green light for patients to grow their own medical marijuana, however, but you can purchase your favorite seeds by shopping online with a reputable dealer like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds since weed seeds are considered an adult novelty and there’s no penalty attached to owning them.

Best cannabis seeds in Adelaide

Are you finally ready for a good night’s sleep? Shop for your Adelaide cannabis seed strains from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, where you’ll find top quality strains that will help you find your way to dreamland. We cultivate all of our own marijuana plants in-house, and hand-pick every seed to guarantee freshness and viability. We regularly ship our products from our facility in the United States overseas to Australian customers in cities like Adelaide, always sealed in medical-grade glass vials to maintain their integrity. Got questions about ordering or shipping? Shoot us a message via online chat (during business hours) or an email and one of our friendly reps will get back to you as soon as they can.

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I’ve had bad orders in the past direct from breeders, but these guys made it right! As far as I’m concerned, this is the best shop to deal with if you want to be satisfied with every order. They back up their claims with great service and great seeds, plus there’s no struggle getting it overseas. I recommend Growers Choice – I haven’t been ripped off, and the person who recommended them to me hasn’t had any bad experiences with them either. Best place to purchase seeds online too.

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