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Cannabis is cannabis is cannabis – right? Wrong. With over 800 different strains on the market, the marijuana of yore is more than just skunky weed. Today, consumers can pick their “poison” from fruity to earthy, super potent to Goldilocks’ “just right” high, find the South Australia cannabis seeds you’re looking for by shopping online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds – we regularly ship to South Australia.


What is Candy Kush cannabis?

Cannabis may have started with just three strains, but today, there are hundreds of variations coming from innovative cannabis cultivators from all over the world. Crossbreeding strains can create different combinations of flavors, smells, and effects. A sweet-scented combination of Cotton Candy Kush and the landrace ruderalis (which is often used as a partner strain for its auto-flowering properties), sweet and spicy Candy Kush is considered by many in the medical marijuana community to be the kind of weed to grow if you are seeking some potential help in addressing moderate to chronic pain conditions. Stock up on top quality Candy Kush St. Peters cannabis seeds when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds – we deliver nationwide.

What are auto-flowering weed seeds?

If you know anything about growing weed seeds, you’ll know that it takes time to get your little beans from seed to seedling to fully budding plant. And it can be a little complicated, seeing as you need to be very strict with the light schedule in order to get your plant from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage at just the right time. Here’s where the benefit of cross-breeding strains with ruderalis comes into play. In general, cannabis is a photo-period plant, but ruderalis adapted to the harsh weather conditions of its native locale, Russia, where it learned to switch automatically from vegetative to flowering once the plant reached a certain point in development, as opposed to the light source changing from near constant daylight to 12 hours light and 12 hours dark.

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This seemingly little tweak cuts down the length of time your plants will stay in the flowering stage (in this case, a mere 6-8 weeks), and also how carefully you need to monitor your plants in order to produce the potent buds you’re craving.

Other awesome auto-flowering cannabis seed strains include:

Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in South Australia?

Despite the fact that medical cannabis has recently become legal in South Australia, growing marijuana for personal use was not part of the deal. That doesn’t mean eager cannabis enthusiasts can’t stock up on their favorite strains… cannabis seeds are considered collector’s items when they aren’t germinated, and there’s no penalty attached to purchasing and owning seeds.


Best cannabis seeds in South Australia

No seed stash is complete without top quality South Australia seeds from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, one of the Internet’s leading vendors in top quality cannabis strains. All of our seeds are grown by our team of horticultural experts, hand-picked and inspected for signs of damage. Then, every order is carefully sealed to preserve freshness and ensure safety in transit before being shipped from our facility across the ocean to your South Australia doorstep.

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I’ve placed multiple orders with Growers Choice over the last little while, prior to and after legalization here. So far, consistency has been key with these guys, and they’ve always arrived within the shipping time-frame provided. I’ve had lots of success with these seeds too, very few have given me any trouble, if anything some take a little longer than others to germinate but I’m not bothered by that, because the plants are always very sturdy. I’m impressed with the quality and ability to provide the same level of service with each order. Thanks for the good work!

Tanner P., South Australia

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