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Although there are fundamentally only three strains of weed, there are so many different kinds of cannabis seeds on the market today (seriously… there are about 800 different strains and that number is rising every year), it can be confusing, even for people who follow this stuff religiously! The good news is, there are a few tricks even the most amateur pot lover can apply when shopping around for top quality Rockhampton cannabis seeds with an online vendor like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds (we deliver) that might help streamline the process.

What are Skunk cannabis seeds?

With all the fancy and funky names of cannabis strains, you may notice some carry something in common – a modifier like Haze, Kush, or Skunk. These refer to parent strains that have been cross-bred with other strains to produce the particular variation you’re looking at.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Rockhampton

You hear the term “Skunk” applied to cannabis and it might call to mind some kind of cheap, stinky weed reminiscent of a skunk, perhaps. Of course, the original strains had a pretty “dead-animal”-like smell, so the moniker is probably apt.

Born in the 70s, Skunk is a hybrid of mountain hashish strains from the Kush mountain region and sativa strains from Central and South America, as well as strains from tropical Asia. Breeders consider Skunk one of the most consistent and predictable strains today, as they tend to be highly adaptable, potent, and feature a short flowering period.

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At Growers Choice, you’ll find a few Skunk varieties, including:

Is it legal to grow Skunk weed seeds in Rockhampton?

The Australian government recently passed laws allowing patients of the island nation access to life-changing medical cannabis, a treatment that has been scientifically proven to offer relief from conditions including chronic pain, wasting syndrome, PTSD, Parkinson’s, intractable epilepsy and more. This is a huge win for the people of Australian cities like Rockhampton, where cannabis is already viewed in a rather favorable light.

Unfortunately for the time being, the act of growing your own cannabis at home from top quality weed seeds is still frowned upon, though there’s much hope that the legislation catches up with public demand in the near future. Until then, Rockhampton locals can stock up on their favorite weed seed strains without fear of penalty since seeds are considered collector’s items when not germinated.

Buy cannabis seeds in Rockhampton

Whether a combination of indica and sativa or a near purebred strain, you’ll find the best quality Rockhampton cannabis seeds for sale online when you shop with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, one of the most reliable cannabis seed dealers on the world wide web today. All of our seeds are grown at our American facility by a team of horticultural experts, giving us complete control over genetics and quality. Every seed is hand picked and inspected to guarantee viability and freshness before being carefully packaged and shipped from the US overseas to your doorstep.

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One of the best companies I’ve dealt with, they’re awesome! You get exactly what you order, they give you points whenever you buy. My plants have always turned out exactly as promised by the company, and I think of all my orders I’ve only had one seed not germinate. They’re on top of the game, that’s for sure. Great prices too. No problems shipping to me in Rockhampton. Don’t know why you would want to shop for your seeds anywhere else.

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