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When it comes to cannabis, you can never get bored. Did you know there are over 800 different strains on the market today, with more being developed on a yearly basis? As grow techniques become more sophisticated and advanced, so do the tastes and demands of discerning cannabis customers, and weed farmers can know give their clientele the interesting and potent strains they desire. There may be hundreds of new varieties to choose from, but many still feature important qualities of their ancestors, and this can be seen in their monikers, for example, high-THC “Haze”. Top up your collection of high-quality Haze-derived Cairns cannabis seeds by shopping online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds – we deliver to Australia.

What are Haze cannabis seeds?

A decades old sativa hybrid, Haze cannabis was developed by a famous team of breeders who sought strains that were higher in THC than what they were finding in nature. Developed by the “Haze Brothers” (R and J Haze), Haze began as the beautiful combination of landrace strains from Mexico and Columbia. Eventually, the best females of this union were chosen and crossbred with a landrace strain from southern India, and then again with a landrace out of Thailand.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Cairns

You’ll find quite a few top-quality Haze hybrids, of which we are quite proud to carry. A few of our favorites include:

Other landrace weed seeds

Haze genetics are the only popular heritage that breeders like to draw from: other strains that have been around stick around for their potency include Kush and Skunk. Kush strains are usually indica and made up of strains from the Hindu Kush region that divides Pakistan and Afghanistan. Skunk strains are mostly a combination of indica and sativa landrace strains and are known for being consistent, fast-flowering and potent.

Can I legally grow Haze weed seeds in Cairns?

From coast to coast, Australians have a healthy and happy relationship with marijuana, though the government doesn’t share quite the same viewpoint. This didn’t stop legislation allowing patients to use cannabis as medication from finally passing. But while patients can access pot products, they aren’t allowed to grow their own weed at home just yet.

Best cannabis seeds in Cairns

This hasn’t stopped locals of Australian cities like Cairns from purchasing their favorite strains in anticipation of the day that marijuana gardening – both medical and recreational – is made legal. Shopping around for the best Cairns cannabis seeds? Look no further than Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds online. We carry a curated selection of top quality strains from around the globe. Our seeds are all carefully cultivated by our own team of horticultural experts, hand-picked to guarantee viability, and sealed in medical-grade glass vials to ensure safety on delivery. With a growing fan base in Australia, we regularly ship across the ocean with delivery to your doorstep.

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I’ve always had great customer service from Growers Choice. In the over 100 seeds I’ve bought from them, only about two weren’t good, and I think that was probably my fault anyway, murdered it by adding too much cold water to my rockwool. Human error. Oops! The plants look great when they’re fully grown, and the smell! Amazing.

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