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Buy cannabis seeds in Queensland

With the recent legalization of medical cannabis in Australia, it’s inevitable that online searches for top quality marijuana seeds will go through the roof. Are you surprised that you can’t find notch seed strains for sale in your area? You shouldn’t be. Although patients have been given the go ahead to incorporate mary jane into their treatment regime, the right to grow your own for personal use (whether medical or recreational) has yet to be granted. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for bunk quality from a less-than-scrupulous dealer, however. Simply shop online with Growers Choice for your superior Queensland cannabis seed varieties – we regularly ship to satisfied customers in Australia.

Can cannabis help treat seizure disorders?

One of the main reasons cannabis has been given the go-ahead as a medicinal alternative is because of anecdotal and scientific research surrounding the treatment of epilepsy and other seizure disorders. Take the case of Charlotte FIgi, a young Colorado girl who suffered from Dravet Syndrome and experienced somewhere around 300 near-fatal grand mal seizures a week. If it wasn’t for the work of intrepid cannabis farmers who produced a pure CBD strain (named Charlotte’s Web in honor of her), the little girl and her family might never have found relief. Studies suggest that CBD (short for cannabidiol) is an anticonvulsant, and can interact with receptors in the brain in such a way that the result is a quieting of the excessive brain activity that causes seizures.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Queensland

This clinical application of cannabis seeds logical when you consider how many people turn to the sticky icky for its ability to provide potent relaxation, soothe aching muscles and joints, and promote restful sleep. Indica strains are characterized by their “couch-lock” effect, that can leave you feeling relaxed and sedated.

Are weed seeds good for pain, too?

Pain relief is another natural and beneficial side effect of marijuana use, which explains why weed is currently being considered in the fight against opioid use.

Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds at home in Queensland?

Although legislation was recently passed allowing patients in Queensland to access medical cannabis as part of their therapy, cultivation was not included in the paperwork. The right to plant your own medical garden my still be some ways away, although you can purchase and own cannabis seeds in Queensland without fear of penalty, as they are considered adult novelty items and not subject to the same rigorous conventions as recreational weed products.

  • AK
  • Blueberry
  • Northern Lights

Best cannabis seeds for sale in Queensland

Whether you are seeking an all-natural, therapeutic treatment for pain relief, intractable seizures, relaxation, or mood enhancement, you’re likely to find the Queensland cannabis seeds you’re looking for when you shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. One of the Internet’s leading vendors in top quality strains, we cultivate a wide selection of varieties from around the world, grown and cared for by our own team of horticultural experts. Hand-picked and inspected for quality and viability, every order is sealed in medical-grade glass vials ensuring their safety on their cross-ocean voyage from the United States.

Ordering weed seeds in Queensland

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I’m going to be as honest as I can be here. I can’t tell you much about the strain I bought (Gorilla Glue) because I haven’t germinated it yet, but I can tell you that ordering from the US, it was pretty fast delivery. If everything works out, these guys could be my new best friends XD. Judging from the reviews I read, everything about the company seems up and up. Fingers crossed my plants turn out the bomb!