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Mazar 80I / 20S 18% THC Evening
Afghan Auto-Flowering 90I / 10R 18% THC Evening
Diesel 70S / 30I 17% THC Daytime

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Milk, sunscreen, even fashion (high-heeled converse and low slung, baggy jeans, anyone?) – many things have an expiration date, and your cannabis/cannabis seeds are no different. Of course, when you shop for North Territory cannabis seeds online with a reputable vendor like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds (we deliver to Australia), you’ll end up with a product that can have a long shelf life if you care for it properly.

Will my cannabis seeds go bad?

Like every other natural and live product, cannabis seeds can go bad. The good news is, as long as you preserve them properly, your little beans can last you upwards of three years! How do you preserve cannabis seeds? Easy. Store them in an air-tight container (the medical-grade glass vials every order from Growers Choice arrive in is an excellent option) in a cool, dark place where the conditions can and will remain constant. This will ensure your seeds remain viable for a longer period of time, though older seeds tend to take longer to germinate than those that are fresh.

What’s the best way to preserve weed seeds?

You’ll find the jury is out on exactly what the best method to preserve seeds might be – every gardener has their preferred method. At Growers Choice, we suggest sealing your precious beans in an airtight container, as mentioned above.

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Another method is to seal your seeds in a container and store them in the freezer. The extreme temperature should not have an effect on viability, but know that once they have defrosted you must germinate them right away as the excess moisture may cause them to go bad.

Are cannabis seeds legal in North Territory?

Even though an overwhelming majority of Australians are pro pot, it took decades before the government made the move to legalize medical marijuana for patients living in the country. This means that anyone with a qualifying medical condition, as dictated by a medical professional, can access cannabis products to use as treatment. One huge step for cannabis proponents! For the time being, however, patients haven’t been given the go-ahead to plant their own personal medical gardens.

This doesn’t mean purchasing weed seeds for future use is off limits, however – cannabis seeds are considered an adult novelty item when they aren’t germinated, and it’s legal to buy and own them.

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Looking to grow your stash of high quality North Territory cannabis seeds in preparation for the day you can legal grow your own weed? Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds has you covered. Peruse our selection of superior strains, cherry-picked from around the world for their popularity and potency. We’ve enlisted only the most seasoned growers to cultivate our strains, ensuring that every seed is hand-picked and viable before being packaged and shipped off from our facility in the US to your home address in North Territory. Aside from providing the best quality cannabis seeds online, we pride ourselves on superior customer service.

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