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With medical cannabis use in Australia recently being given the green light, Wollongong happily celebrated by announcing that their eponymous hospital would take part in a world-first cannabis trial, with 20 local patients being offered medical marijuana to ease symptoms of nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy treatments. Successful results could mean big things for pot proponents in the area, who are ready and waiting to cultivate their superior Wollongong cannabis seeds bought from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds – a leading online reefer retailer offering delivery Australia-wide.

Can cannabis help with cancer treatments?

Despite evidence to the contrary, cannabis is still a controversial topic, and even in the presence of scientific evidence of the clinical applications and beneficial properties of this plant, you’ll find detractors claiming otherwise. A powerful antiemetic, marijuana can help soothe the stomach, thereby eliminating nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, and can also increase the desire to eat (thanks to THC-induced “munchies”).

Cannabis seeds for sale in Wollongong

Additionally, chemicals called cannabinoids – like THC, CBD, and others – have been credited with helping to restart the apoptosis process in cancer cells. Apoptosis, or cell death, is an integral part of the normal life cycle of a cell, but in cancer cells this mechanism is essentially turned off, meaning malignant cells don’t die, they multiply indefinitely. Much to the surprise and delight of researchers, when cannabinoids like CBD are introduced, they have been shown to effectively turn apoptosis back “on”.

What are the best weed seeds for treating cancer symptoms?

Though some people have had extreme success in treating their own cancer with cannabis (a simple search of Rick Simpson should be testament enough to that fact), every situation is unique, and we urge you to discuss your treatment options with your doctor.

That said, if you decide that cannabis is the way to go, there are hundreds of weed seeds on the market, some of which you’ll find better for treating symptoms associated with cancer than others.

Best cannabis seeds in Wollongong

An heirloom strain like Northern Lights will help treat chronic pain and sleeplessness, while THC-heavy Bubba Kush (popular in Hawaii), is great for treating loss of appetite and bringing about serious relaxation. A potent sativa strain like Super Silver Haze will help to banish nausea and may also help you find some motivation to get up and active during the day.

Can I legally buy cannabis seeds in Wollongong?

Despite the fact that cannabis is extremely popular among the people of Australia, it was only recently that the country relaxed their existing laws to allow patients access to medical cannabis products. These laws don’t extend to recreational use, or the ability to grow your own cannabis at home, though because weed seeds are considered collectors items (if they aren’t germinated) you can still keep them on hand without fear of penalty.

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