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A mid-sized city in northwest Arkansas, Springdale is celebrated as the Poultry Capital of the World, for its considerable collection of hatcheries and processing facilities. Springdale is also home to the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, who play minor league baseball in the Texas League, the Arvest Ballpark, and the Arts Center of the Ozarks.

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Can I use cannabis legally in Springdale?

Medical cannabis laws in Arkansas are on their way to fruition. Once legislation is passed by the state governments, residents of Springdale will have the opportunity to use cannabis products as treatment for many different conditions including ALS, peripheral neuropathy, severe nausea, and severe muscle spasm.

Until such time as the laws allow the use of medical cannabis, Springdale locals can purchase Growers Choice cannabis seeds as adult novelty souvenirs, a perfectly legal possession.

Is it hard to grow cannabis in cities like Springdale?

A humid, subtropical climate, like that of Springdale, Arkansas, provide excellent conditions to grow plants like cannabis (once it is deemed legal). Such climates generally have nearly year-round growing seasons and plenty of moisture. Auto-flowering cannabis seed options like Cheese do well in this weather, as do hearty sativa-dominant strains such as Amnesia.

Are cannabis seeds available in Springdale?

At Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, we can ship your seed order anywhere in the country, from the farthest south corner of Florida to the cool climes of Alaska, and that includes Springdale, Arkansas. Simply select the strain and number of seeds you require from our easy online product pages. Your cannabis seeds will be carefully packaged in medical-grade glass vials and delivered discreetly to your door.

How can cannabis seeds and cannabis help me?

Cannabis products are well-known for treating a wide range of ailments. Whether you are struggling with headaches and migraines, difficulty sleeping, joint pain, or even memory loss, cannabis and its amazing cannabinoids enable you to supplement your prescription – and potentially dangerous – medication with a natural, healing alternative.

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What do Springdale customers have to say about Growers Choice cannabis seeds?

I’ve purchased four types of seeds, and gotten 100% germination on my first wave. I’ll be starting the second wave soon. Excellent customer service, fast shipping. Highly recommended Growers Choice.

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