Where to buy cannabis seeds in Little Rock

The capital of Arkansas, Little Rock is the home of cultural staples like the Arkansas Arts Center and the William J Clinton Presidential Center, which spans the Arkansas River. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock offers excellent post-secondary education opportunities, and residents enjoy watching minor league baseball games against the Arkansas Travelers, known as The Travs.

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Is it legal to use medical cannabis in Little Rock?

As of early 2017, medical cannabis legislation is under discussion in Arkansas. Should the laws be passed, they will allow medical cannabis card holders in the state to obtain medical cannabis from state dispensaries for a considerable list of conditions including ALS, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, cancer, fibromyalgia, Tourette’s, ulcerative colitis, and intractable pain.

Can I order cannabis seeds if I live in Little Rock?

In the United States, it is legal to order and possess cannabis seeds, as adult souvenir novelty products. At Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, we’re more than happy to supply you with whatever you need. We offer 21 premium cannabis seed strains, from household names like Blueberry and Jack Herer, to special alternatives such as CBD Critical Mass and CBD Moby Dick, which, when planted and ingested, produce no psychoactive effects.

How can medical cannabis make me feel better?

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds has a wide selection of resources on our website, which outline the countless ways in which cannabis seeds and cannabis products can improve patient health. Whether you suffer from a diagnosed condition, deal with debilitating symptoms, or simply need to improve your sleep or relieve stress, cannabis can help. There is already plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting cannabis as a treatment for the symptoms caused by chemotherapy, for instance – the plant can ease everything from nausea to pain, and helps prevent wasting by encouraging appetite.

For more information on the many benefits of cannabis seeds and cannabis, check out the helpful Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds articles!

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