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There was a time when ordering high quality Hot Springs cannabis seeds was a sketchy process – could you trust the company, the provenance of the seeds, or even that they would arrive after you’d sent in your payment? Not to mention whether the fear you’d be receiving a mixed bag of unnamed seeds or even – gasp – males! As cannabis has become more commonplace, these seedy shysters are becoming fewer and farther between, and you order your favorite cannabis seed strains online from reputable vendors like Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, one of the nation’s leading retailers in weed seeds, shipping everywhere in the US.

Can cannabis help treat PTSD?

Millions of people live with stress every day, but not all stress can be managed with breathing techniques and yoga. Post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the most severe forms of anxiety that doesn’t solely effect veterans of war who have seen combat, it can affect anyone who has experienced a traumatic event, like frontline first aid providers, victims of accidents, even victims of physical and mental abuse.

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Characterized by severe symptoms like insomnia, night terrors, and ADHD, patients suffering from PTSD are believed to have lower levels of anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid also known as “the bliss molecule”. This is where cannabis can play a role in boosting mood for patients with PTSD, as THC – one of the main cannabinoids of marijuana – mimics anandamide in the brain and directly effects the same receptors in order to artificially replenish the decreased supply, therefore bringing patients relief from their memories.

What cannabis seeds are better for treating stress?

There are three main cannabis varieties – indica, sativa, and ruderalis – of which many offshoots have been cross bred to feature unique qualities that growers know the public are after. Some of these strains will be much better suited to treating the symptoms of PTSD than others (in fact, some strains may in fact exacerbate anxiety and paranoia, attributable to their high levels of hallucinogenic chemicals).

Can I legally buy weed seeds in Hot Springs?

Yes, you can legally purchase weed seeds when you live in Hot Springs, AK, but you will probably have to settle for admiring them in their packaging for the time being, since, although cannabis seeds are considered an adult novelty item when not germinated (and free to purchase and own) residents in Hot Springs aren’t yet allowed to grow their own pot for therapeutic purposes.

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One day, the law will shine upon patients in Arkansas who suffering from one of the qualifying conditions listed by the state’s medical marijuana program. Until that day, you can stock up on your favorite Hot Springs cannabis seed strains by shopping online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. You’ll find our superior genetics more than up to snuff, and perfectly capable of being preserved for upwards of three years (if done so correctly). Place your order and you’ll have top quality seeds delivered to your front door within days. How’s that for service?

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I had a couple problems, truly my fault, I was nervous about ordering seeds online to Arkansas. They did come through, though, quick just like Growers Choice claimed, and it didn’t look as though they had been tampered with or opened. Customer service was more than willing to answer my questions. The seeds look fantastic. Thanks, Growers Choice! I’ll be ordering again soon!

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