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Now that Arizona has legalized the recreational sales and growth of marijuana plants, it’s up to you to get your hands on the best weed seeds possible. Growers Choice is one of the best online seed banks for cannabis seeds.

What are Marijuana Seeds?

The history of cannabis goes back, well, probably centuries. What matters now, though, is modern times. People around the world are enjoying the fruits of marijuana plants, so to speak, and more and more people are cultivating cannabis gardens of their own for personal use. Much like the mythical Phoenix, at-home cannabis growing is rising! Cannabis seeds are the seeds that, when grown and cared for, grow into cannabis plants. In this specific case, marijuana plants. Sometimes it gets a bit convoluted because a lot of different nomenclature is used. Cannabis is the scientific name of the plant, and when it is high enough in the psychoactive chemical compound THC, it enters the realm of what we mean when we, collectively, talk about marijuana. So be it marijuana seeds, weed seeds, pot seeds, or even ganja seeds, we’re talking about the same kind of seed, growing the same kind of plant with psychotropic effects. Many places that have cannabis seeds for sale will lean on the word cannabis more than marijuana, as some find that marijuana still carries a tinge of a negative connotation, especially in places where cannabis laws are less kind.

The Benefits of Buying Marijuana Seeds

The Use of Medical Cannabis

Recreational marijuana use is good in our books, but there’s also not much of a sell to the idea of using marijuana for fun and enjoyment. If you are looking to buy weed seeds because you have an affinity for the plant, we’ll get into the specific perks of buying weed seeds instead of from a nearby dispensary or some other location. Medical cannabis is its own thing, and there are a lot of medical marijuana patients out there already. Now, some may envision the list of medical conditions one uses marijuana for to be serious and bleak. Indeed, some with medical card turn to the marijuana plant to alleviate serious medical issues. However, there are those who aren’t “medical marijuana patients” who still view their cannabis garden as a therapeutic garden. Medicinal users have reported that marijuana has provided relief for migraines, cramps, and other chronic pains. Other medicinal users have cited that it alleviates stress or anxiety and helps them sleep. Medical patients around the globe have claimed benefits from marijuana use, but you can also get yourself some marijuana seeds and enjoy medical benefits for some more common, less serious concerns.

The Perks of Buying Cannabis Seeds

Why go with pot seeds over buying cultivated and harvested pot elsewhere? Well, in our humble opinion, it is a nice hobby, but let’s get practical. When you grow your own plants from marijuana seeds, you have more control over the marijuana you are consuming. There is also the financial aspect of it. If affordable prices matter to you, growing your own plants is a wise move. The reasonable price of buying seeds, setting up a grow space, and going from there will save you a ton of cash over trips to the dispensary. Plus, these days, you don’t even need to leave your home to get marijuana seeds, which is great, given that not everybody has a nearby dispensary as is. Online seed banks make it simple to get cannabis seeds. With an online marijuana seed bank, you order seeds for your favorite strains, and then they will ship your marijuana seeds right to you.

Types of Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Any selection of marijuana seeds is going to include selecting your strains of choice. The world of cannabis is teeming with popular strains and award-winning strains, but what is the perfect strain for you? Maybe you want a potent strain high in THC? Perhaps you want medical seeds, which are low in THC and high in CBD. There are sativa, hybrids, indica, and more. Cannabis seed banks will also offer up autoflowering strains. Autoflower seeds flower based on the age of the plant, not based on the light cycle, as photoperiod strains do. The number-one key for your grow space, though, is to get feminized seeds. At-home growers always want fully-feminized cannabis seeds. Female seeds are the key to your success. Only female marijuana plants have buds, which is where almost all the THC is found. You aren’t getting high from a male plant. Plus, a male plant will fertilize your female plants and ruin your yield. Feminized marijuana seeds are the way to go when you are buying from one of the many seed banks out there.

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The History of Cannabis Legalization in Arizona

In the United States, laws related to marijuana legality vary. Some liberal locales, like Oregon and Colorado, were early to legalizing recreational cannabis use. Other physical locations still have law enforcement out there trying to clamp down on marijuana use. Marijuana seeds for sale may be available in online seed banks, but before you make purchases in Phoenix, you need to know what to expect from law enforcement.

Nothing personal, but Arizona doesn’t have much of a reputation as one of those aforementioned liberal locales. However, have good news for you! In 2020, Arizona legalized recreational marijuana use. You are legally allowed to possess up to an ounce of cannabis, but what about cultivation? Get ready to find your perfect strain, because you are legally able to grow up to six plants at a time if you are the sole adult in your household, and up to 12 if there are multiple adults around.

What to Look for When You Buy Marijuana Seeds

You’ll want high-quality marijuana seeds, of course, which means feminized marijuana seeds. Finding a reputable seed bank is important, of course. There may be a nearby dispensary that you like, but online seed banks can provide you with affordable prices and excellent customer service. Discreet shipping in discreet packaging is available from the best cannabis seed banks. You also may be able to get a germination guarantee as well. Some popular, notable cannabis seed banks include Growers Choice Seeds, Pacific Seed Bank, Quebec Seed Bank, Crop King Seeds, and more. Options for pot seeds abound, so get into your research!

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Popular Marijuana Seeds

High-quality marijuana seeds are available for dozens of top-shelf seed strains. You may be an experienced grower, but you may still be in the market for marijuana seeds for a new strain or two. Bruce Banner packs a lot of punch in terms of THC. Blue Dream is an extremely popular strain these days. Power Plant, Strawberry Diesel, White Widow, we’ve just scratched the surface. This part is up to you. It’s legal to grow your own marijuana plants in Phoenix. Why not get to buy some marijuana seeds today?

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