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Good news, you can freely embrace recreational cannabis in El Mirage, Arizona! That’s because it’s legal there for adults over 21. Residents can also legally purchase ungerminated marijuana seeds to cultivate at home for their own private stash! 

Premium Cannabis Seeds  in El Mirage, AZ

Welcome to El Mirage, Arizona! Located in Maricopa County, the city is synonymous with farming and agriculture. Since it’s an ideal climate for a wide assortment of vegetables and fruits, plenty of goodies grow in this desert atmosphere. And one of the best goodies that thrives here is marijuana! That’s great news for cannabis enthusiasts since recreational marijuana is legal in the state.

While marijuana in Arizona is well accepted and respected, that hasn’t always been the case. Don’t just take our word for it–read ahead and find out more about the history of cannabis. We’ve also thrown in some great tips on choosing seeds, growing your own cannabis plants, and finding the best seed bank!

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How to purchase marijuana seeds in Arizona
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History of Cannabis in El Mirage

There’s been a love affair with marijuana in Arizona for decades, but things really ramped up in the 1990s. During this time period, enthusiasts of both recreational and medicinal marijuana stepped up to make it legal for all. In 1996, a whopping 65% of Arizona residents approved Proposition 200, which would have allowed doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients with certain conditions. As proponents rejoiced, it proved to be short-lived since only a few months later, state lawmakers repealed it. Eventually, the initiative was reworded to limit doctors prescribing marijuana, so voters rejected Proposition 300 in 1998.

Proposition 203 was introduced in 2002, which was essentially a medical marijuana bill that would have also decriminalized the use of recreational weed. Voters weren’t feeling it and voted against it. A few years later, voters approved 2010’s Proposition 203. Under this initiative, doctors could recommend medical marijuana to patients with qualifying conditions. It allows patients with a medical marijuana card to visit their closest dispensary to get their products. However, if there isn’t a nearby cannabis dispensary, patients can grow their own medicinal marijuana plants.

As far as recreational cannabis goes, Proposition 205 was struck down by voters in 2016. Four years later, voters had a change of heart and voted in favor of adult-use recreational weed. Under the Smart and Safe Act, adults over the age of 21 can legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana. They can also grow up to six marijuana plants at their home, and homes with two or more adults are permitted to grow up to 12 plants.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

Before you grow any recreational or medical marijuana plants, you have to start with high-quality weed seeds. Believe us, there are plenty to choose from in El Mirage, so take your time and learn more about each one. After all, you want to make sure you’re growing the best cannabis possible!


Listen up cannabis growers who love to breed new strains, regular cannabis seeds are just what you’ve been looking for to elevate your marijuana game! Regular seeds are so special because you have a 50% chance of growing either male or female plants. With the ability to grow both genders, you have the option of breeding them to come up with new strains. There are so many possibilities because you can combine whatever types of strains you want!

Additionally, when you get clippings from regular plants, you can expect healthy clones that root well and grow fast. Once you obtain root cuttings, expect a large abundance of plants in a relatively short period of time. You’ll also love how the plants from regular seeds are tough and can withstand an array of stressors like pests and diseases. 


If you ask any marijuana grower, they’ll tell you that one of their favorite types of seeds is feminized. These seeds are special because they have been cultivated to produce exclusively female plants. As a result, these are the seeds you want when you want to grow plants with smokable buds. Real growers also remark on how potent these buds tend to be.

With these seeds, you can eliminate that 50/50 chance of whether you’re getting male or female plants since you have a 99.9% chance of female plants. Growers can also enjoy a more streamlined growing process since you don’t have to worry about cross-pollination or separating the genders. Feminized seeds are also cost-effective since you’ll be enjoying plenty of flowers to smoke and enjoy!


Perhaps the easiest variety of seeds to grow of all is autoflowering because a lot of the hard work is taken out of the mix! If you’re in the mood for harvesting as soon as possible, these are the seeds to look for since they flower so quickly. In some instances, that is as soon as 7-8 weeks. Because of their explosive growth, you can even achieve several grows in a season.

Beginner growers oftentimes opt for auto-flowering seeds since you don’t have to change their lighting cycle to get them from vegetation to flowering. In fact, they do it automatically! Since they grow small, autoflowering varieties are great for indoor growing or when you simply don’t have a lot of space.

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Information about the fast-flowering cannabis strains
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Types of Cannabis Strains

Just like there are plenty of weed seeds available, you also have tons of choices when it comes to strains. Since there are so many, they are often divided into three main types: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Here’s a quick overview to get you familiarized.

Indica Strains

Indica has a well-known nickname of “in da couch” due to the fact that it will give you a heavy dose of couch-lock. Any real smoker knows that feeling of getting to the point where you can’t even make it up from the couch. That’s because indica is known for its superb capability of sedating and relaxing you. Once you’re ready to chill or call it a night, you might want to turn to this strain.

Sativa Strains

On the opposite end of the spectrum is sativa because it gives you anything but sedating effects. Instead, you will feel energized and uplifted. Therefore, if you feel like your mood is down and you need to be elevated or boosted, sativa is the way to go! Many of the strains can also make you feel more creative and focused, so perfect when working on a big project or presentation.

Due to its effects, sativa is great for daytime use. You can even use these strains first thing in the morning if you’re into a little wake-and-bake action. Sativa can also be a secret weapon when you need a little pep in your step before exercising to get you on through!

Hybrid Strains

What about if you can’t choose between indica and sativa? No worries, choose a great hybrid strain! These hybrids are a combination of both sativa and indica, so you can get the benefits of both. Let’s say you have a favorite indica strain, but it’s a bit too hard-hitting, then getting a hybrid with sativa effects can help mellow it out for you. The same holds true for a sativa strain that you fancy that you want it to be balanced out!

The beauty of hybrids is you can get something that’s mostly sativa, known as a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Or, if you prefer, you can get an indica-dominant hybrid. There is also the option of getting a sativa-leaning or indica-leaning marijuana strain that is slightly more one over the other. You can also choose a well-balanced hybrid that has about an equal percentage of each. The possibilities are endless!

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Benefits of growing your own marijuana
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Growing Tips for El Mirage Cannabis Seeds

Before you plant your cannabis seeds, you need to take into account El Mirage’s climate, which can be quite harsh due to its hot desert climate. As a result, you need to look for strains that can handle Arizona’s environment. If you’re not sure, you can always go for indoor growing, which can be a safer bet, especially for beginner growers. However, you still have to make sure you have set up the environment correctly, so closely monitor indoor temperature and humidity to achieve nice, healthy plants.

Regardless of where you plant, you need top-quality seeds, which are always available at Growers Choice Seeds. Our seeds are always fresh and mature to germinate hassle-free. Plus, you’ll love our user-friendly website that provides you with tons of useful information. Get your marijuana journey started with Growers Choice!

Three Popular Strains in El Mirage

  1. Tangerine Dream Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds – sweet and citrusy sativa-dominant hybrid strain with high 24% THC, providing energizing and euphoric effects
  2. Diesel Feminized Seeds – with Afghani and Sour Diesel lineage, this sativa-dominant hybrid strain is perfect for focusing.
  3. Great White Shark Feminized Seeds – deeply relaxing indica-dominant hybrid that can also provide a small burst of energy
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Awesome Medical Cannabis Plants Grown Indoors

I’ve grown seeds from Growers Choice Seeds a few times, and I’m always impressed with how well the plants grow. They seem to grow a lot faster than seeds from other seed banks, and I always have a good sized harvest. These plants are always consistent in size and production, which makes it easy to plan my garden.

Allison B., El Mirage, AZ

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