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Diesel 70S / 30I 17% THC Daytime
Amnesia 90S / 10I 20% THC Daytime
OG Kush 55S / 45I 27% THC Evening

Cannabis seeds Ketchikan

Although it’s tempting to believe that cannabis plants are native to countries that are predominantly warm and relaxed, but you may be surprised to learn that the marijuana plant is actually endemic to China, where it was first used as an herbal medicine, before the seeds were disseminated across the globe. The “staying power” of this plant can, in part, be attributed to marijuana’s ability to quickly adapt to new environments – it is technically a weed, after all, but that hasn’t stopped breeders from working to perfect techniques and increase knowledge on growing cannabis the likes of which has never been seen. Seeking superior genetic Ketchikan cannabis seed strains? Shop online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, we offer nation wide delivery.

What’s the best climate to grow cannabis seeds?

As mentioned above, cannabis is a weed, hence the popular moniker, and like dandelions and thistles, it can thrive outdoors under the right conditions without human intervention. Unfortunately, if you want to really maximize the return on your investment, you need to understand that cannabis and climate go hand in hand. Some strains, usually sativa-dominant, do well in warm climates like tropical or Mediterranean. Indicas, on the other hand, tend to be dense and stocky, preferring the cooler climates of mountainous areas like the Hindu Kush mountain region.

Buy cannabis seeds in Ketchikan

Ordering cannabis seeds online is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the reefer trend when you’re in Ketchikan, you’ve got a variety of top quality Ketchikan cannabis seed strains at your fingertips, especially when you shop with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We have compiled a selection of the most popular, potent and versatile cannabis strains on the market. Our seeds are cultivated by a trusted team of horticultural experts who have combined experience of over 40 years in the ganja gardening industry. We inspect every cannabis seed before shipping them off to our customers and offer a 90% Germination Guarantee that states if you don’t germinate over 90% of your order, we’ll send you another batch.

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I was so happy to come across Growers Choice, I have ordered seeds from a few other brands that show up in Google searches but I have been really disappointed. Or I was until my order from GC showed up, on time and no damage. I would like to have paid less, haha, but it was so worth it. They are in such great shape, I’m still vegging them right now but I can already tell they’re going to be fat. Thanks for the seeds, I recommend everyone shop here!

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