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The largest city in the United States’ most northern state, Anchorage ranks second after New York in having the highest percentage of the state’s population within its borders. The city is home to an impressive artistic community, including the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. Though situated above the rest of their countrymen, residents nonetheless see exciting concerts and shows throughout the year, and also have access to the Alaska Native Heritage Center, the Imaginarium, and the Alaska Museum of Natural cannabis seeds in anchorage

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Can I use cannabis in Anchorage?


Use Anchorage cannabis seeds to treat a variety of medical conditions.

The state of Alaska has allowed the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis seeds and products since 1975. Residents over the age of 21 are welcome to carry up to 1 oz of cannabis on their person, and may grow as many as three mature (six total) cannabis plants in their home. Given the secluded nature of the city, Growers Choice is an excellent resource for those looking to grow their own medication.

In addition to various conditions, you can become an Alaska medical marijuana patient if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Cancer
  • Severe nausea
  • Severe pain
  • Seizures
  • Muscle spasms
  • Cachexia
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Cannabis has many medicinal and recreational benefits.

Cannabis Culture in Anchorage, Alaska

Did you know that cannabis has been legal in Alaska to some extent since the 1970s? Learn more about marijuana culture in this northern state in our Cannabis in Alaska blog post.

What’s the Cannabis Vegetative Stage?

Every step of the cannabis growing process is essential. You need germination to wake the dormant seeds and sprout them, the flowering stage is where those healing buds develop, and curing and drying are vital to getting the most benefit from your flowers. But what about that vegetative stage that falls between seedling and flowering — surely that must be important, too, since very little of any natural process is wasted?

Of course! The vegetative stage of the cannabis plant is where it begins to build the strength and structure it will require to support all those luscious buds later on. During the vegetative stage, which can take between two and six weeks (largely up to the grower unless you choose autoflowering strains), the stalk gets stocky and the stem offshoots into which the buds will nestle begin to develop. Without this stage, your plants would topple under their own weight, if they even got to the flower-developing part. So don’t skimp on this essential part of the process!

What conditions does cannabis treat?

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Cannabis seeds grow into strong, all-natural medicine that can tackle many symptoms and conditions, from cancer to headaches. Relief from pain caused by nerve damage is one of the most common uses for cannabis, as well as nausea suppression and appetite stimulation, which is important for people undergoing chemotherapy, or suffering from an eating disorder. Growers Choice has 21 cannabis seed strains that can help you feel better. Feminized Amnesia increases creativity and boosts mood, Auto-flowering Cheese offers full-body relaxation and induces sleep, and OG Kush fights pain and eases stress.

Try these other great cannabis seed strains:

  1. Purple Kush
  2. Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering
  3. Bubba Kush

Can I Order Cannabis Seeds in Anchorage?

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Quick delivery of premium-quality cannabis seeds

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