How To Order Weed Seeds

With Growers Choice by your side, it’s never been easier to buy Alaska cannabis seeds. It takes less than 10 minutes to place your order through our website. Once your transaction is complete, please wait 5-10 business days for your weed seeds to arrive. We tend to get busier in the summer months, so shipping may take slightly longer. Still, we work hard around the clock to ensure everyone gets their seeds on time. We know how frustrating it can be to wait for your Alaska cannabis seeds to arrive, especially when you smoke for medical reasons. Rest assure that your seeds are on their way! If you have any questions about your order, please contact customer service and they’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

Buy Alaska Cannabis Seeds

It’s always been notoriously difficult for folks in Alaska to get their hands on high-quality cannabis seeds, but that’s no longer a problem, thanks to reputable seed vendors like Growers Choice Seeds. Offering a curated selection of high-quality and viable cannabis seed strains on our website, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and more, coupled with detailed strain information and growing advice.


When Did Alaska Legalize Cannabis?

Alaska has long had a comfortable relationship with cannabis, and locals were able to grow their own weed unchecked for decades. When the laws changed in 2014 to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis, the government decided to regulate the number of plants patients 21 and older were allowed to grow – up to six plants maximum.

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Power Plant 20I / 80S 19% THC Daytime
Blueberry Auto-Flowering 80I / 10S / 10R 16% THC Evening
American Haze 80S / 20I 20.04 THC Daytime

What Does ‘Greening Out’ Mean?

‘Greening out’ is a slang term for smoking too much cannabis. This usually happens when a person’s tolerance doesn’t match the THC content in a certain cannabis strain. The maximum THC on the market ranges in the 30% zone. Moderate levels of THC vary between 10-15%. Symptoms of ‘greening out’ include:

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Jitters
  • Insomnia
  • Dry Mouth
  • Red Eyes

Ideal Weather For Growing Cannabis

The beauty of living in Alaska is that you get to experience all four seasons. Sure, it’s mostly chilly year-round, but Summer and Spring still come with sunshine and stunning nature scenes. With such well-rounded weather, it’s common for growers to wonder whether they should harvest cannabis plants indoors or outdoors. Truth be told, it depends on which cannabis strain you choose. Before you buy Alaska cannabis seeds, check out all the strains we offer online!

Popular Seed Strains

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The Best Cannabis Seeds In All Of Alaska

I've traveled coast to coast in Alaska in search of the best cannabis seeds and the best delivery service. Growers Choice stands out amongst the rest because of its fast delivery and high-quality seeds. Their seeds are perfect for growing year-round, and they have a pretty huge collection, so there's something for everyone!

Rated 5 out of 5

Medical weed is meh in Alaska, I prefer to grow my own. I’ve been doing it a while now, a few places were decent but Growers has proved it’s the best shop around. They don’t have the hugest selection but they’ve got a GOOD selection, which is the point. And good quality. Not to mention they’re efficient. I only get seeds from one other shop, these two, that’s all I need. Nathan F., Alaska

Nathan F., Alaska
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