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Though cannabis has a nefarious reputation (one which can likely be attributed to the federal government’s early 1900s prohibition move that classified marijuana as a narcotic), the truth behind the plant is that it has been used for centuries in medical practices across the world. Today, we consider cannabis strains high in CBD “medical cannabis”, but most varieties can be used to at least some clinical benefit. Find high quality Madison cannabis seeds online when you shop with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, a leading vendor of quality cannabis seeds offering delivery across the United States.

A brief history of medical cannabis

It may come as a shock to those who’ve allowed themselves to believe in the propaganda spread by certain agencies trying to regulate the sale and use of marijuana, but ancient and medieval medical practitioners were known to incorporate cannabis plants into their medicines or teas as a treatment for pain and other conditions.

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The first mention of cannabis in the medical world comes out of China, where hemp (a sub-species of cannabis) was grown as a source of food but was also prized for its numerous other applications, such as fibre. Cannabis for medicinal use started in China and made its way throughout Asia and into the Middle East and Africa.

Is medical cannabis legal in Madison?

Despite several states having made amendments or additions to their laws surrounding the purchase and consumption of medical cannabis (or marijuana in general, for that matter), Alabama has only gone so far as to allow CBD-specific cannabis be used by the University of Birmingham in clinical trials with children suffering from debilitating epileptic conditions. Though there are likely hundreds of thousands of patients across the state that could benefit from medical cannabis, at least these qualifying patients can find some relief, seeing as it has been proven that CBD can have drastic and positive effects treating severe epilepsy.

Are medical weed seeds safe?

Cannabis works so effectively in the human brain and body because the two most prevalent chemicals – THC and CBD – mimic neurotransmitters that we naturally produce and affect change when introduced to our endocannabinoid system. Where THC tends to cause a more “heady” high (and is sought after for its ability to enhance a good time), CBD is not hallucinogenic, and physicians are much more comfortable prescribing cannabis strains like CBD Blueberry and CBD Moby Dick to younger patients and the elderly.

Can I buy cannabis seeds in Madison?

Although growing cannabis isn’t something that residents of Madison, Alabama are legally allowed to do, they can stock up on their favorite Madison cannabis seed strains by shopping online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. The seeds of a weed plant are considered an adult novelty item when they haven’t been germinated, so there’s no penalty attached to owning them. We at Growers Choice understand that despite this technicality, some customers remain concerned that their investment might get confiscated while it makes its way to their doorstep. If you have questions about our shipping and stealth options, feel free to reach out to our customer service department and someone will be happy to assist you as soon as they can.

Cannabis seeds for sale in Madison

Shopping online for Madison cannabis seeds is the best way to get high quality marijuana strains delivered direct to your home. Feel secure and confident that you made the right decision when you shop for seeds online with Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, a leading vendor of top quality seeds offering shipping and delivery anywhere in the United States.

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