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While medical patients can access medical marijuana in Hoover, Alabama, recreational weed is off-limits. Fortunately, you can purchase weed seeds in this southern city. However, you’re not allowed to germinate and cultivate these marijuana seeds into plants.

As part of the Deep South, it’s not surprising that Hoover, Alabama has a more conservative attitude toward marijuana. Sure, medical marijuana is now allowed for its residents, but even that was an uphill battle. In addition, recreational marijuana isn’t allowed in any circumstances, and violators can face serious penalties, including jail time. Although people are starting to see that marijuana serves a wide array of diverse needs, Hoover is pretty solid in not allowing its residents to enjoy marijuana for non-medical use. On the other hand, Hoover residents can legally purchase cannabis seeds since they’re considered novelty items.

History of Marijuana in Hoover

In 1931, marijuana was officially banned in Alabama. This was before people understood the full wonders of cannabis and its impact on physical and mental well-being. Over the years, people turned more towards painkillers and anxiety pills to alleviate their symptoms. However, anecdotal stories and research proved that natural alternatives like marijuana were just as effective, if not more so than pharmaceutical drugs.

That’s why there’s been a big push over the past decade to take marijuana from the fringes to the forefront. Thankfully, lawmakers began to listen and started passing laws to make it legal for Hoover residents to get their hands on medical cannabis. But the same couldn’t be said for recreational weed.

In 2019, lawmakers introduced two separate bills to reduce the penalties for using weed recreationally. One would have gotten rid of the felony charge for people charged with a second possession offense. The other bill would have made possession of less than one ounce of marijuana a violation with no jail time. Both bills ultimately failed.

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Five potential medical benefits of cannabis
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Medical Cannabis

Some anecdotal evidence from research suggests that medical cannabis is beneficial for a number of medical issues. This has led to numerous attempts to pass a medical marijuana bill in Alabama. A bill in 2012 that would have provided medicinal weed for patients with 24 qualifying conditions was eventually shut down.

Fortunately, in 2014, the then-governor signed a bill allowing the University of Alabama to use CBD oil for pain in children during a clinical trial. Two years later, the law was expanded to allow more patients to use CBD oil for pain. 

It took a lot of patience and a lot of hard work, but medical marijuana was officially legalized in Alabama in 2021. Some of the 15 qualifying conditions include autism, epilepsy, sickle cell anemia, and spinal cord injuries. Patients can use capsules, tablets, patches, and inhalers but products can’t be smoked, vaped, or eaten.

After visiting a physician and being diagnosed with a qualifying condition, a patient must register with the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission. From there, they can apply for and receive a medical marijuana card to use at a dispensary. It’s important to note that patients aren’t allowed to cultivate marijuana plants at home.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

With such an array of cannabis seeds available, it might be hard to find the right type. That’s why it’s important to do a little research ahead of time. The more you know about each kind, the more confident you can feel about your choice. Three of the most popular options include regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds. Between these, you’re sure to find one you love!

Regular Seeds

You can think of regular seeds as classic seeds, the real OG, the ones that other seeds come from. Matter of fact, these marijuana seeds are 100% all-natural and haven’t been modified or manipulated in any way. As a result, these are the seeds you turn to when you want to create new strains since they produce both male and female plants. They have a 50% chance of producing either gender. Consequently, you can cross them as you like for cannabis seed strains that will provide the characteristics that you want. Customizable marijuana is at your fingertips!

With regular seeds, you can also count on higher-quality clones when you want a repeat of your favorite seed strain. If you take clippings from these plants, you can count on them to grow at an accelerated pace and produce large yields. Plus, you get to skip the germination phase and get right to the good stuff–the premium marijuana!

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are the choice for growers who only want to grow female plants. These marijuana seeds have been specifically cultivated to eliminate male chromosomes. You know what that means, right? There’s practically a 0% chance of growing male plants. As such, there’s no point in you worrying about cross-pollination since you won’t have to keep the genders separate. 

With feminized cannabis seeds, they produce plants with the smokable buds that you want to indulge in. Smokers recognize these buds are premium and high in terms of potency thanks to their elevated THC level. Female plants typically grow faster and don’t require a lot of maintenance, making them a great option for beginner growers or those who don’t want to deal with a lot of extra work.

Autoflowering Seeds

One of the most sought-after types of marijuana seeds is autoflowering. Do you know why they are so awesome? First of all, they automatically flower, moving from the vegetative to the flowering stage, which means you don’t have to switch the lighting cycle. Since they grow faster, you expect your harvest to come sooner rather than later, usually in 8-10 weeks!

Beginner growers know that autoflowering seeds are easier to grow thanks to their unique makeup. You really don’t have to do much at all. Additionally, auto seeds are usually feminized, so you can count on female plants with delectable buds. Many indoor growers appreciate how these auto strains grow shorter, so they don’t take up space. Also, if you grow them outside, they’re not so noticeable, making them perfect for discreet growing when you don’t want nosy neighbors all in your business!

Growing Marijuana Seeds

Once you decide to grow marijuana seeds, besides making sure they’re high quality, you need to first germinate them. The easiest and one of the most popular choices is the paper towel method. This is when you dampen a few seeds and put them on a damp piece of paper towel. Next, take another damp piece of paper towel and lay it on top. Here’s a helpful tip: don’t oversaturate your paper towels. Afterward, you’ll take your seeds and paper towel and put them somewhere dark like a drawer or an airtight container.

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How to start growing marijuana at home
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Once your seeds have germinated, you can place them in pots or planters for indoor growing. You can also plant them in the soil outside, for some outdoor growing. Different strains have different requirements, so make sure you have the right one that can deal with fluctuations in the climate. To ensure the best growth, you need optimal temperatures and humidity. More than anything, you have to keep an eye on your plants to guarantee healthy growth!

Top Strains

Every city, state, and region has its favorite marijuana strains, and Hoover is no exception. There are several choices that Alabama residents enjoy the most. A couple of these include Blueberry Kush and Gorilla Glue. If you find yourself in this neck of the woods, you should see what these two great strains have to offer.

Blueberry Kush

Part of the famed Kush family, Blueberry Kush is an indica-dominant strain that’s 90% indica and 10% sativa. The blend gives you plenty of classic indica effects with just enough sativa to tone things down. With a 20% THC level, you get a high potency, so you can feel the effects. Plus, the taste of fresh blueberries is undeniable!

Gorilla Glue

Smokers who love a high THC level will love Gorilla Glue, which is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid strain, with a 50/40 ratio. Smokers love this as an anytime strain due to its potential to provide both relaxation and anecdotal pain relief. With a blend of flavors, smokers get just the right amount of sweetness along with spicy and earthy notes to satisfy any taste!

Choosing a Seed Bank

Once you’re ready to purchase your premium marijuana seeds, you need to ensure they come from the right seed bank. While there are plenty to choose from, the top choice is Growers Choice. We offer a huge assortment of seeds with a germination guarantee to ensure you get only the healthy plants you deserve. On top of all that, you can expect fast, discreet shipping and affordable prices to meet any budget. Growers Choice Seeds is the only seed bank you need to keep in mind!

Most Popular Strains in Hoover

  1. Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds – this is the perfect indica-dominant strain to enjoy at the end of a long day with an enviable 27% THC content to provide long-lasting effects
  2. Berry White Feminized Seeds – a smooth and creamy indica-dominant hybrid strain with 22% THC level for peace, relaxation, and bliss with a delicious blueberry taste
  3. Sweet Tooth Feminized Seeds – an award-winning indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s great to use any time of day to provide feelings of euphoria and upliftment with a delectable fruity flavor
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