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Medical and recreational marijuana is unfortunately still illegal in the otherwise gorgeous state of Tennessee. As such, cannabis cultivation is also illegal and can land lawbreakers in jail. We suggest treading lightly, and making yourself as aware as possible, so as to avoid any legal consequences!

Decatur, Tennessee

Decatur, Tennessee is an adorable little city known for its rural charm and tranquility. The city leans toward the smaller side, offering a comforting sense of community rather than the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan area. Sounds inviting! As for the environment, Decatur finds itself enveloped in the picturesque setting of deciduous forests, with the Tennessee River providing a natural landscape of serenity. It is a true haven for those who are looking to get away from the fast-paced life. Its climate is temperate, and locals enjoy the diversity of four seasons, which makes it a great place for a variety of outdoor activities. Although Decatur is not a large-scale agricultural hub, the community’s activities are deeply tied to the land, and there is a small, but growing, group of marijuana growers in the area (which is a bold move, considering the legal restrictions surrounding recreational and medical marijuana cultivators).

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What all the fuss is about CBD oils
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Cannabis Laws in Tennessee

The marijuana laws in Tennessee are still exceptionally conservative! Both medical and recreational weed are outlawed, despite multiple attempts at legislative alteration. Unlike many states that have moved toward medical marijuana programs to support patients in need, Tennessee does not support the use of medical cannabis. The only allowance is for high-CBD/low-THC oils, but even this is difficult for medical cannabis patients to access, as there isn’t a distribution network to facilitate access to these oils.

Breaking any of the marijuana laws can get residents into some pretty nasty situations, as penalties for marijuana-related offenses in Tennessee are brutal. For instance, cultivating a mere ten weed plants could land you in prison for up to six years. However, there have been some positive developments at the municipal level, particularly in Nashville and Memphis. These cities have eased the penalties for possession of small quantities of marijuana, reducing the fines to $50. This was further advanced in 2020 when the Tennessee District Attorney relinquished the pursuit of charges related to possession of less than half an ounce of cannabis. Residents in these areas can breathe a semi-sigh of relief, but the state is still nowhere close to normalizing the use of medical or recreational marijuana.

One potential loophole is the legalization of hemp-derived Delta-8 THC. Although its cousin Delta-9 THC remains illegal, Delta-8 can be purchased both online and in local stores. This can be good news for those looking for an alternative to medical and recreational cannabis. In addition, some medical marijuana patients might prefer Delta-8, as it has fewer psychoactive effects than high-THC marijuana. 

Types of Cannabis Seeds

Although the cultivation of cannabis in Tennessee is riddled with potential consequences, a subculture of discreet marijuana growers continues to chug on! Many rely on online seed banks, like Growers Choice Seeds, which offer a relatively secure and confidential avenue for sourcing an array of fresh high-quality marijuana seeds. The vast array of marijuana seeds and strains of cannabis can be a bit overwhelming when first delving into cultivation, so we’ve laid out some descriptions to help soften the blow.

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular marijuana seeds are the baseline from which all other seed types have evolved. They come from a natural mix of male and female cannabis plants and produce an unpredictable gender ratio upon cultivation… as in, growers can’t be sure how many male or female marijuana plants they will yield. While regular seeds might not be as refined as their feminized or autoflowering counterparts, they offer genetic stability, making them indispensable when it comes to breeding.

Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Autoflowering weed seeds merge from their vegetative stage to their flowering stage after a specific period, so they are not dependent on the changes of light cycles like feminized marijuana seeds that are photoperiods and regular marijuana seeds are. These pot seeds are a natural fit for Decatur’s climate, which features a temperate weather pattern that is ideal for the relatively short life cycle of autoflowering weed plants. Some of the more popular autoflower strains available via an online seed bank like Growers Choice include Granddaddy Purple, Maui Wowie, and Pineapple Express. Each of these cannabis seed strains, which are genetically altered feminized seeds, offers its own mouth-watering flavors, enticing scents, and effects on the users, for instance, Grand Daddy Purple is loved for its intense relaxation properties.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to produce only female weed plants, which is ideal for growers who are only looking to produce consumable buds. Feminized cannabis seeds eliminate the need for gender identification and the weeding out of male plants, which don’t produce smokable flower. A few of the more legendary feminized strains offered by Growers Choice Seeds include Cali Kush, Candy Jack, and Chocolate Chunk. Feminized strains of cannabis are considered to be particularly beneficial for medical marijuana cultivators since they generally have a consistent cannabinoid profile and can be relied upon to offer the desired anecdotal medicinal benefits.

Hybrid Marijuana Seeds

Hybrids are essentially a mix of different high-quality cannabis seeds, bred to combine desirable traits from both indica and sativa strains. Hybrid seeds are the breeder’s playground, as they are able to mix genetics to get an exciting combination of different characteristics. These seeds can be great for recreational use, while also offering purported medicinal benefits to users.

Landrace Strains

Landrace strains are native weed plants that have evolved over thousands of years in specific geographical regions. These quality cannabis strains are often sought after for their unique effects and genetics, which have not been modified through selective breeding. For example, the Afghani landrace strain originated in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan and is renowned for its resilience and high cannabinoid content.

Uses and Benefits of Marijuana 

If you don’t know already, marijuana offers a wide range of stellar benefits! Whether you’re looking for a natural sleeping aid, to melt into your couch, or a little boost in social situations, weed has your back. Cannabis has the potential to offer loads of anecdotal medicinal benefits, and is a typically safe way to enjoy various recreational activities.

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Seven of the potential health benefits of CBD
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Medical Conditions Treated With Cannabis

Cannabis has been studied for its anecdotal potency against various medical conditions, ranging from chronic pain to stress. The primary active components of cannabis, THC  and CBD, interact with the endocannabinoid system in users to deliver various effects–some psychoactive and some physical. People have been flocking to the glorious cannabis plant for its potential to help alleviate various mental and physical health issues. The compound CBD is said to offer therapeutic advantages without psychoactive effects, which is a huge perk for consumers who want medicinal benefits without having to get “high”.

Recreational Marijuana Uses

Recreationally, cannabis can offer a variety of effects that enhance social interactions or personal experiences. It’s been known to enhance creative pursuits and can be a source of inspiration for the musician or artist who is stuck in a lull. Certain sativa strains are also said to boost sociability and may be a good product to reach for feel like partying it up. While potent THC strains are generally sought for their euphoric effects, CBD-rich strains offer a mellower, non-psychoactive experience. Recreational cannabis often serves as a dual-purpose substance, as many users report relief from stress and other ailments even when their primary intention is recreational use.

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