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Cannabis Culture in Selma, Alabama

Growing your marijuana is a great idea for a wide range of potential benefits. On top of saving tons of money on cannabis, and consuming it with the satisfaction that you cultivated it yourself, there are even more reasons to grow your own. 

With that said, let’s take a little trip down to Selma, Alabama, and talk about its place in American cultural and civil rights history, as well as current cannabis possession and cultivation laws. Lastly, we will discuss some seed types that grow excellently in environments like Selma and are easily available from top online seed banks like Growers Choice.

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Grow cannabis seeds in Alabama.
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Where is Selma?

Located in Dallas County, Selma is centrally located in Alabama where it sits along the Alabama River. Selma is approximately 50 miles west of Montgomery, Alabama’s state capital. Lots of farmland and plains surround this mostly rural area. Cotton, soybeans, and peanuts make up a large portion of crops that farmers raise in Selma.

The Alabama River provides a plethora of recreational opportunities for residents, tourists, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Take a look on any sunny day and you will see fishing boats floating along with the rhythm of the river all day long.

What’s the Weather Like in Selma?

A subtropical climate creates long hot and humid summers, with temperatures that exceed 90°F regularly. On the other hand, winters are usually pretty mild and temperatures rarely reach the freezing point. It tends to rain a lot in Selma and the surrounding areas, with large accumulations in spring and summertime. 

History of Selma

Founded in 1820 as a major trading area along the Alabama River, Selma’s economy thrived on cotton production, which was a major area for plantation owners and business owners. This was an economy that also unfortunately relied on slave labor for much of that production and workforce until the aftermath of the Civil War.

Civil War

Selma thrived as a major manufacturing center for the Confederate forces during the Civil War. Guns, weapons, ammo, and supplies were produced at a rapid clip to keep up with the war effort.

Eventually, much of the city of Selma was burned to the ground after the Battle of Selma in 1865. This was a huge battle that was fought in the waning days of the Civil War. During the post-war Reconstruction era, the aftermath of the war found Selma facing difficulty in rebuilding its economy and infrastructure. 

Civil Rights Movement

Post-Civil War discrimination against African Americans continued into the next century, culminating in the turbulent Civil Rights movement that occurred heavily in places like Selma during the 1960s. Many advocates and protestors organized marches for civil rights.

The Selma to Montgomery marches were peaceful protest marches meant to enact change. Covered by nightly newscasts and projected right into many American’s homes, scenes from these marches had a major effect in achieving voting rights for many African Americans. Many of these marches included clashes between police and peaceful protestors, while the entire world watched on TV.

As a result of the efforts of the Selma marches and others, the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965 and created an end to any discrimination at the voting booth. 

Historical Landmarks and Museums to Visit in Selma

Civil Rights History is a large part of American history and the city of Selma tried to preserve as many historical sites as possible. Visitors to Selma can visit such historical places as:

  • Edmund Pettus Bridge
  • Selma Interpretive Center
  • Brown Chapel AME Church
  • National Voting Rights Museum & Institute
  • Old Live Oak Cemetery
  • Sturdivant Hall

Legality of Cannabis Seeds & Marijuana in Selma

Alabama is a strict state regarding the possession, consumption, and cultivation of the cannabis plant. While many states on both coasts, and now even some states in the mid-west have legalized many different marijuana products for adult or medical consumption, in Alabama it’s still very much against the law. 

Possession laws carry with them potential jail time, while cannabis cultivation laws have been established with even more severe penalties and fines. Bottom line–if you are in Selma or any other region in Alabama, be aware of the legal consequences.

Medical Marijuana Program in Alabama

Signed into law by the Alabama governor in 2021, the Alabama Compassion Act allows for medical marijuana legalization for patients who meet the list of qualifying conditions. This program prohibits cannabis flower and edibles, however “tablets, capsules, tinctures, gels, oils, creams, and patches” are permitted according to the law.

Medical marijuana patients in Alabama will still have to wait to access any cannabis products at all since the implementation is currently at a standstill. 

Cannabis Seeds are Legal in All U.S. States

However, when it comes to weed seeds, Alabama is no different than any of the other 49 states, since it’s legal to purchase and possess ungerminated marijuana seeds in any U.S. state, so long as it’s for adult novelty souvenir or preservation purposes. Pot seeds don’t have any THC in them until the growth cycle starts so this is a big win for seed collectors everywhere.

Feminized seeds waiting to be germinated.
Grow feminized seeds for the highest quality cannabis.
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Wide Variety of Seeds

Online cannabis seed banks like Growers Choice offer various types of cannabis seeds for sale. Whether you are looking for a specific effect, taste, look, or other genetic traits with your cannabis plant, you can trust their variety of beautiful seeds that are backed by our Germination Guarantee. 

Along with cannabis cultivation notes specific to each seed, consumers can gain a better understanding of whether a certain type is right for them from all of the many detailed product descriptions on each Growers Choice product page. 

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Beginners and experienced growers enjoy the cultivation of cannabis plants courtesy of feminized cannabis seeds. This type of high-quality seed is all but guaranteed to germinate into a dank, potent, and beautiful female plant, whereas the other seed type known as regular seeds can sometimes not germinate or will produce less desirable male plants.

Unless you are breeding your cannabis plants, feminized seeds and female plants are the way to go for the home grower, which Growers Choice, an American US-based marijuana seed company only carries exclusively. 

Autoflower seedling sprouting in a pot outdoors.
Grow an array of auto flower seeds in Selma. 
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Photoperiod & Auto Flower Seeds

Photoperiod and auto seeds are the two different types of feminized cannabis seeds according to how they grow. Either one is an excellent option for the home grower, so long as they have the right equipment and space. 

Photoperiod Seeds

With the ability to flower after several weeks to months of vegetative growth, photoperiod seeds must first develop their robust structure before blooming into the sticky buds we all know and love.

This shift in the light cycle mimics the natural progression of longer hot and humid summer days during the growing season. A shift to 18 hours of light/6 hours of darkness schedule is necessary to make the female marijuana plant start flowering. 

Auto-Flowering Seeds

Growers of all experience levels also enjoy cultivating autoflowering strains because of their ability to grow, flower, and harvest quicker than photoperiod seeds, though photoperiod seeds are often capable of potentially larger plants and yields. 

The ability to grow autoflower seeds essentially anywhere there is a decent light source is also pretty remarkable. Many home growers enjoy putting a few pots of auto flower seeds out on a deck or patio in warm climates during the spring and summer months to let Mother Nature do her work!

Otherwise, indoor cultivation will allow the home grower to control the temperature and environment at their will. The light cycle is another difference between photoperiod seeds and auto weed seeds, there is no need to adjust the light schedule at any point between vegetation and flower stages. Autos will seamlessly transition into flower mode after just a few weeks. 

Indica Seeds

Used by consumers for their potential for a pain-relieving and relaxing experience, feminized indica seeds are available to grow for any home grower seeking these types of effects. 

One of the most popular indica seeds to grow of all time is our Granddaddy Purple Feminized Seeds and their unmistakable smell and purple glow as a particularly high THC strain. 

Sativa Seeds

Consumers who wish to get a potential lift from their cannabis consumption usually like to grow sativa seeds in their garden, tent, or greenhouse. The often more cerebral, focused, and uplifting effects from this category of cannabis seeds are certainly different than those of an indica.

Sativa growing characteristics are also different since these cannabis plants grow taller and take longer to finish than their indica counterparts. One such tall grower is our Lemon Thai Feminized Seeds which make excellent choices for beginners to grow.

Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid strains are many home grower’s faves for a wide variety of reasons. Some like the balanced indica sativa effects that hybrid strains can produce, while others insist that hybrid seeds grow with more vigor and ease compared to the other seed types.

Meanwhile, any cannabis consumer can agree that the gassy, fruity, often sugary, and potent characteristics of hybrids are off the charts!

There’s a wide variety of hybrid strains available from a top online seed bank like Grower’s Choice. Some of these include easy-to-grow, high-yielders like Lemon OG Kush Feminized Seeds, and super-popular seeds like the Gelato strain, or Runtz Feminized Seeds

Choose a Reputable Seed Bank Like Growers Choice 

Whether you live in Alabama or any other U.S. state be sure to choose a reputable online cannabis seed bank like Growers Choice. The huge selection of viable seed types discussed here will no doubt be worth the investment, backed of course, by the GC Germination Guarantee!

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