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If you’re looking for marijuana heaven, you’ll find it in the city of Auburn, Washington! This little haven is home to legal medical and recreational marijuana and allows medical marijuana patients to cultivate up to 15 plants for personal use! As a pioneer of the marijuana movement, Washington is the dwelling place of quite the community of weed lovers. For newer cultivators, we will take a peak into various seed types, as well as the, mostly, lenient laws that govern Auburn.

Auburn Cannabis Seeds

Auburn, blanketed by dense forests in the Evergreen State, beckons its residents to indulge in all that cannabis has to offer! Of course, every state has its own laws regarding the use, possession, and cultivation of both medical and recreational marijuana, and we will delve into all of that not-so-scary information below. 

Marijuana Legislation in Washington

Washington State, part of the pioneering West Coast in marijuana legislation, has embraced both medical and recreational cannabis. It began to pave the road to legalization back in 1998 with its new marijuana program, marking an early step in the nation’s journey toward cannabis acceptance. But the landmark moment came in 2012 when voters passed Initiative 502, the Washington Marijuana Legalization and Regulation Initiative. This monumental decision legalized recreational marijuana for adults aged 21 and older.

Under this legislation, adults in Washington can legally purchase and possess up to one ounce of cannabis flower, 16 ounces of edibles, and seven grams of cannabis concentrates. But don’t let your entrepreneurial spirit take over! The sale and distribution of marijuana without a license is considered a C-class felony, so keep your cannabis and marijuana products to yourself until you’ve got a licensed business.

Washington’s commitment to medical marijuana is equally glorious. Medical patients have enjoyed legal access to cannabis since 1998, and in 2015, the Cannabis Patient Protection Act was introduced to ensure the same cultivation and testing standards for both medical and recreational adult users. Medical patients can purchase up to three ounces of flower, 48 ounces of edibles, and 21 grams of cannabis concentrates. They also have the legal right to grow up to 15 plants for personal use, so you know what that means… get yourself a medical marijuana card!

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All about cannabis laws and weed seeds in Washington State
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The Benefits of Weed Seeds in Auburn, WA

Auburn is a city with a super unique vibe and a wide array of things to do. Located in King County, it’s known for its eclectic community, plethora of outdoor activities, and a thriving job market. Auburn offers a unique blend of urban amenities and a strong connection to nature. It’s the best of all the worlds, if you ask me.

Auburn’s outdoor attractions are a draw for both residents and visitors. The city flaunts numerous parks, including the sprawling Flaming Geyser State Park, known for its natural geysers and beautiful riverfront. For those seeking adventure, the Green River Gorge offers adrenaline junkies the opportunity to kayaking and whitewater rafting. Auburn also hosts an annual Auburn International Farmers Market, showcasing exactly how connected to nature and health this little city is.

In terms of marijuana cultivation, Auburn’s climate can be a great place to nurture quality cannabis seeds into healthy plants. Washington State typically experiences a temperate maritime climate, characterized by mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. This climate can be ideal for outdoor cannabis cultivation, especially if growers select strains that thrive in these conditions. Indoor cultivation is also an option when the rain begins to pour down.

As for medical benefits, studies have shown that cannabis has the potential to ease a plethora of medical conditions as they relate to mental and physical health ailments. For individuals undergoing chemotherapy, cannabis is reported to provide relief from side effects like nausea and loss of appetite. The emergence of CBD-dominant strains has been pivotal, providing medical benefits to users without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. 

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All about CBD, what it is and its potential health benefits, etc.
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Types of Cannabis Seeds to Cultivate in Auburn

For newer growers in the Auburn area, it’s important to become acquainted with the various seed types to determine which one might be the best fit for your garden. 

Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are the unaltered, natural form of cannabis genetics. They possess both male and female traits, allowing for the possibility of producing male and female plants. Although not the most popular seeds on the market, they are indispensable since they offer growers the possibility of creating new strains. 

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds have been selectively bred to weed out the male chromosomes entirely, ensuring that they will produce only female plants. This is particularly beneficial for growers who are not looking to create new strains, as female plants produce the resin-rich buds sought after for consumption.

Whether grown outdoors or indoors, feminized seeds offer consistency and assurance that every plant will yield valuable flowers. Auburn’s temperate climate can accommodate outdoor cultivation, but indoor setups may provide more control over environmental conditions for the growth of feminized seeds, especially during the wetter months. Some popular feminized strains in Auburn include sativa-dominant Clementine, which is known to love plenty of light and high humidity levels; and Power Plant, another sativa-dominant strain that’s resistant to most pests and diseases and can withstand sudden fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower cannabis seeds are unique in their ability to flower automatically, regardless of the hours of light and darkness they receive as they don’t rely on the changing seasons to trigger flowering. Autoflowering strains typically have a faster growth cycle, with some varieties ready for harvest in just two months from seedling to flower! This is a huge benefit for growers who want to harvest multiple yields in one season. 

In Auburn’s climate, autoflowering seeds can be a prime option. Their ability to flower automatically makes them a good choice for outdoor cultivation in this region. However, they can also thrive indoors, so growers dealing with this seed type have options. Some popular autoflowering cannabis strains include Northern Lights Auto, which is renowned for its compact size and calming effects, and Tangerine Haze Auto, known for its sativa-leaning effects that are simultaneously calming and energizing, and its citrusy aroma.

Where to Buy Auburn Cannabis Seeds

So you know what type of seeds you want to grow, but where will you find them? We’ve got the best option around lined up for you below.

Online Seed Banks

Several online seed banks deliver to Washington residents, offering a wide range of cannabis seeds for cultivators to choose from with Growers Choice being one of the top choices around. Growers Choice Seed offers a variety of strains and ships out orders quickly and discreetly to protect customers’ privacy. The advantages of purchasing from  Growers Choice include convenience, a vast selection of strains, a germination guarantee, and the ability to research and select specific genetics that fit cultivation goals. In addition, Growers Choice offers a straightforward ordering process, making it easy for both beginners and experienced growers to obtain high-quality seeds. 

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