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Looking for premium cannabis seeds?

Whether you live in the farthest reaches of Alaska, or the balmy southern beaches of Florida, Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds is your #1 go-to for the best cannabis seeds in the industry.

At Growers Choice, our first priority is our customer. That’s why we take so many steps to ensure we deliver you the best cannabis seeds:

    • All our 100% feminized seeds are hand-selected and carefully encased in medical-grade glass vials. These vials ensure your seeds remain fresh and viable until you’re ready to plant them
    • We back up every single seed with our industry-leading 90% Germination Guarantee. Follow our tried-and-true Germination Guide, and we promise at least 9 out of 10 of your seeds will sprout – every time. If you get a couple of duds (hey, it happens!), we will replace those little guys with brand new seeds, and that restock won’t cost you another penny.
  • We’re dedicated to your well-being, every step of the way. Whether you use cannabis to treat symptoms of your medical condition, or just to relax and chill out on lazy days, we want to make sure you stay safe and informed while you’re consuming our all-natural, holistic products. That’s why our website is chock-full of helpful tips and advice on growing, harvesting, and using your medical cannabis seeds.

The Best Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Did you know it is completely legal to order, purchase, and possess cannabis seeds in the United States? Whether or not you plan to put your new seeds in the ground, you can rest assured that the discreet package shipped straight to your door will not get you into trouble.

Medication or adult novelty souvenir items, our seeds are the ideal choice. Hop over to our store now, to see our fantastic selection of Premium Cannabis Seeds.

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  5. California Cannabis Seeds
  6. Colorado Cannabis Seeds
  7.  Connecticut Cannabis Seeds
  8.  Delaware Cannabis Seeds
  9.  Florida Cannabis Seeds
  10.  Georgia Cannabis Seeds
  11.  Hawaii Cannabis Seeds
  12.  Idaho Cannabis Seeds
  13.  Illinois Cannabis Seeds
  14.  Indiana Cannabis Seeds
  15.  Iowa Cannabis Seeds
  16.  Kansas Cannabis Seeds
  17.  Kentucky Cannabis Seeds
  18. Louisiana Cannabis Seeds
  19. Maine Cannabis Seeds
  20. Maryland Cannabis Seeds
  21. Massachusetts Cannabis Seeds
  22. Michigan Cannabis Seeds
  23. Minnesota Cannabis Seeds
  24. Mississippi Cannabis Seeds
  25. Missouri Cannabis Seeds
  26. Montana Cannabis Seeds
  27. Nebraska Cannabis Seeds
  28.  Nevada Cannabis Seeds
  29.  New Hampshire Cannabis Seeds
  30.  New Jersey Cannabis Seeds
  31.  New Mexico Cannabis Seeds
  32.  New York State Cannabis Seeds
  33. North Carolina Cannabis Seeds
  34. North Dakota Cannabis Seeds
  35. Ohio Cannabis Seeds
  36. Oklahoma Cannabis Seeds
  37.  Oregon Cannabis Seeds
  38.  Pennsylvania Cannabis Seeds
  39. Rhode Island Cannabis Seeds
  40. South Carolina Cannabis Seeds
  41.  South Dakota Cannabis Seeds
  42.  Tennessee Cannabis Seeds
  43.  Texas Cannabis Seeds
  44.  Utah Cannabis Seeds
  45.  Vermont Cannabis Seeds
  46.  Virginia Cannabis Seeds
  47.  Washington Cannabis Seeds
  48.  West Virginia Cannabis Seeds
  49.  Wisconsin Cannabis Seeds
  50.  Wyoming Cannabis Seeds
  51.  Washington, D.C Cannabis Seeds