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Why Should I Grow My Own Cannabis?

That’s an excellent question!

As laws continue to change and expand, more and more regions across North America are embracing cannabis as a potential alternative for various medical conditions. Of the states that have passed medical marijuana laws, some have infrastructure in place to provide patients with their medicine – such as dispensaries or clinics – while others have yet to implement storefronts and require patients to order their products from licensed companies.

Regardless of whether or not a state has medical cannabis dispensaries, there will be patients who prefer to purchase prepared cannabis in bud, edible, or tincture form as well as those who want to grow it themselves.

Why Grow Marijuana Instead of Buying It?

There are many reasons a person might choose to grow their own marijuana:

  1. Dispensaries to which they have easy access do not carry the strains the want.
  2. There are no dispensaries and they would prefer not to order online.
  3. They are hesitant about purchases prepared marijuana due to questionable growing methods and potential contamination.
  4. They want to experiment with different methods to personalize their strain.
  5. They just really enjoy gardening and welcome a new challenge!

If you count yourself among any of these groups, then growing your own cannabis could be an excellent choice for you.

Buy Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice

Since you’re here, we’re guessing you’ve browsed the site a bit and have already decided that Growers Choice is the perfect place to buy your first (or second, or 12th) pack of cannabis seeds. But in case you need a bit more incentive, here are just a few reasons we’re a popular choice for both medicinal and recreational growers:

  • All our more than 40 strains of cannabis seeds are feminized, which means you don’t need to worry about removing the males before they mature; there aren’t any!
  • Our seeds have been tested for freshness and authentic genetics, so you know the strain you order is the strain you’ll grow. Unfortunately, we can’t test for viability, but that’s where the next point comes in;
  • We offer a 90% germination guarantee, so you can rest assured that you’re going to get a good harvest from the seeds you buy;
  • We ship your cannabis seeds quickly and discreetly; they arrive on your doorstep just days after ordering, and the package will never sport any indication of the product;
  • Our website is simply packed with helpful tips and tricks to help you on every step of the cannabis gardening journey – you’re never alone when you buy from Growers Choice!

Benefits of Growing Marijuana

There are many benefits of growing your own marijuana, not the least of which the sense of pride and satisfaction that always comes from making something from scratch, and working with your hands. Even if you aren’t a seasoned gardener, we carry strains that are easy to grow – such as Blueberry Auto-Flowering, Afghan Auto-Flowering, and Mazar.

Other reasons growing is great:

  1. You save money. Feminized cannabis seeds might seem a touch pricy, but when you do the math, you’ll be amazed! Half an ounce of prepared marijuana from a recreational dispensary tends to cost less than $100. One well-tended cannabis plant can give you two or more ounces of dried, ready-to-use marijuana. (That’s after drying and curing; most “average yields” listed for cannabis seed strains are indicated the pre-drying weight.) You also have the option to clone your favorite strains.
  2. You know exactly what you’re getting. Assuming the genetics of your cannabis seeds are guaranteed (as they are at Growers Choice), you know you’re growing Northern Lights because you bought Northern Lights. You also know exactly which natural or synthetic chemicals were used during the cultivation process, and can choose to grow your marijuana organically.
  3. You’ll learn a lot. There’s no better way to learn than to do! You can read about growing your own cannabis for hours, but you’re going to get a lot more out of it if you actually plant your own seeds! Discover issues you never would have thought to research, and converse with your fellow gardeners to solve the problems, or come up with your own solutions.
  4. You know it’s fresh. Ever wondered how long that dispensary cannabis had been sitting behind the counter?
  5. You can use the whole plant. Did you know the leaves of the cannabis plant can be juiced, or dried and made into tea? You can turn the extra bits and pieces into hashish or make your own shatter – you’d be amazed how much good you can get out of one little marijuana plant!

Think About This Before You Grow

While there are tons of great reasons to grow marijuana at your home, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It’s not legal everywhere, and you don’t want to be running an illegal growing operation! Always check the laws in your state before you germinate your seeds (buying them is legal throughout Canada and the US).
  • They take up a bit of space. It could be tough to fit plants into a tiny apartment without a balcony. That said, you could grow one plant in a cupboard if you’re really dedicated!
  • Growing cannabis takes patience. You won’t have useable marijuana for at least five or six months (depending on how long you choose to vegetate your plants your buds). Most new gardeners will want to have prepared cannabis on hand until their crop is ready.
  • It can smell a little bit while it’s growing, so if you have complaining neighbors or a strong sense of smell, you might need better ventilation, or opt for store-bought.

Except for the first one, all these reasons have work-arounds if you’re bound and determined to grow your own marijuana. With time, effort, and dedication, you can harvest a crop of beautiful buds to treat whatever ails you.

How Do You Grow Marijuana?

As I mentioned above, our website is jam-packed with helpful articles all about growing cannabis at home. Whether you want to grow in the garden or the garage, in soil or hydroponically, for medical or recreational reasons – we can help you out.

These are just some of our carefully researched and written articles:

Our Grow Advice section is always evolving, and we also have a Medical Cannabis Benefits section that explores the research around medical marijuana.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll likely find it on Growers Choice. And if you don’t – let us know, and we’ll happily work on adding it to our repertoire!

Happy growing!

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