Marijuana in Louisiana

Marijuana in Louisiana: An exploration of the state’s complex cannabis laws, medical use, and the potential for broader legalization in the future.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Bossier City in 2023

How to get cannabis seeds in Bossier City, Louisiana You have nothing to lose by growing marijuana at home if you are a marijuana user. When you grow marijuana, you can control the whole process, and also save a lot of money. There’s a lot to like about marijuana, and also about Growers Choice Seeds....  Read More

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Kenner in 2023

Enjoy cannabis seeds in Kenner, Louisiana There’s a lot to like about marijuana. Dozens of different strains exist. Some uplift, some relax, some are great for medical maladies, and then there are all the tastes and aromas available. Regardless of the strain, Growers Choice Seeds can provide you with high-quality seeds for it so you...  Read More

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Lake Charles in 2023

Order Lake Charles Cannabis Seeds We’re sure Lake Charles is lovely, though here in California, we are more the ocean type. You know, getting out there and surfing and all that stuff. Hey, whatever floats your boat, and if you are on Lake Charles, hopefully your boat does indeed float. We have the same attitude...  Read More

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Lafayette in 2023

Buy Lafayette Cannabis Seeds We take cannabis seriously. That’s our job. Do you take cannabis seriously as well? It’s OK if you aren’t on our level. We can be the experts. Maybe you are just curious about what it is like to grow your own cannabis plants. You get some seeds down in Lafayette, Louisiana...  Read More

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Shreveport in 2024

Best Cannabis Seeds in Shreveport Growers Choice Seeds may be based in California, but our vision goes beyond the border of the Golden State. We are helping people with their cannabis needs all over the country. People want seeds in Alaska, they want seeds in Florida, and they want seeds in Louisiana. We know that...  Read More

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Baton Rouge in 2023

The best cannabis seeds in Baton Rouge Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana. Of course, you probably didn’t need us to tell you that. You also don’t need us to tell you that “Baton Rouge” is French for “red stick.” Hey, let us show off our knowledge a bit. Or maybe you’d rather we...  Read More

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in New Orleans in 2023

Buy Cannabis Seeds in New Orleans Greetings from your friends out here on the West Coast! Growers Choice Seeds is helping people all over the country with their cannabis needs from our base here in California. Have you been dreaming of growing your own cannabis down in New Orleans, Louisiana? Well, we feel like that...  Read More

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Louisiana in 2022

Cannabis for Louisiana Louisiana is the home to New Orleans, aka “The Big Easy.” Well Growers Choice Seeds is here to make it easy to grow your own cannabis plants at home for personal use. Why not take advantage of cannabis’ ability to relieve anxiety, insomnia, and more? Also, why not grow your own plants...  Read More

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