Marijuana in Iowa

Marijuana in Iowa: A closer look at the state’s cannabis regulations, medical use, and the ongoing debates surrounding potential legalization.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Waterloo in 2023

Getting cannabis seeds in Waterloo, Iowa Growers Choice Seeds is making a splash in the cannabis industry. And we have. We have customers all over the country who are buying cannabis seeds from us. Why? So they can grow their own plants at home for personal use. They save money. They have more hands-on control....  Read More

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Sioux City in 2023

How to get cannabis seeds in Sioux City, Iowa Iowa is in the American Heartland. California, our home state, may be on the West Coast, but we still have an eye on the heartland. Also, the East Coast, the Pacific Northwest, you name it. Growers Choice Seeds is a national cannabis seed company. We provide...  Read More

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Davenport in 2023

Cannabis seeds for Davenport, Iowa You owe it to yourself to get the best cannabis seeds out there. Great cannabis plants start with great seeds. Growers Choice can be the source of those seeds for folks who want to grow cannabis for their personal use. Curious about cannabis seeds in Davenport, Iowa? Let’s start with...  Read More

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Cedar Rapids in 2023

Getting cannabis seeds in Cedar Rapids, Iowa You may not think you have much in common with our native California there in Iowa. Then again, Ed Helms starred in a movie called Cedar Rapids. Movies and California go hand-in-hand! Also, people in California and Iowa both want to grow cannabis plants for personal use. Growers Choice...  Read More

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Des Moines in 2023

Cannabis seeds and Des Moines, Iowa Greetings from us at Growers Choice Seeds! We’re happy to be talking to you about the thing that excites us the most: cannabis seeds. Sure, that may not seem like the most-exciting thing, but jetpacks and flying cars aren’t happening, so why not get excited for cannabis seeds? Growers...  Read More

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Iowa in 2022

Cannabis seeds and Iowa Iowa is a state where plenty of crops grow. There’s one growing experience that we care about here at Growers Choice, though, and that’s cannabis. We are all about cannabis seeds and helping people get those seeds to grow their own plants for personal use. That’s why we are here to...  Read More

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