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What’s the Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis?

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How well do you know the differences between hemp and cannabis? One falls under the 2018 Farm Bill, the other has not yet been legalized on a federal level. Keep reading to learn more about how hemp and cannabis play their individual roles in health, ...  Read More

What Is Delta-8? You’re About to See It Everywhere

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Cannabis culture is more complicated than ever. Even the most frequent partakers may confuse CBD for hemp, or regular weed for diet weed, or an indica strain for sativa. Cannabis goes by too many names these days…and we’re about to jumble things up ...  Read More

Growing More Hemp May Save the Planet

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As one of the world’s oldest crops, hemp boasts a long history encompassing many uses. Not only was the U.S. Constitution drafted on hemp paper, but the oldest known fabric remnant discovered by archaeologists in Turkey is a 9,000-year-old hemp woven textile...  Read More

Hemp and Marijuana: How are They Different?

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Nope, it is not just you. The difference between hemp and marijuana has stumped many over the years. The confusion likely dates back to 1970, when political leaders decided to group all forms of cannabis as a Schedule I Drug, thereby including hemp in the ...  Read More