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Finding Calmness and Inner Peace With Cannabis

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Times are changing. We can either choose to stick to our old ways or adapt and overcome whatever the world puts in front of us. Over the last two years, the majority of health and healing has taken place indoors, in the privacy of our homes. We grow cannabis ...  Read More

Can Cannabis Help With the Common Cold?

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From a young age, we learn that there is no cure for the common cold—you can treat the symptoms but you cannot, unfortunately, rid yourself of a cold altogether once it takes up residence in your body. In addition to over-the-counter cold remedies, people ...  Read More

Tell Us Your Cannabis Success Story

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We asked, you answered. On yesterday’s Instagram stories, we reached out to fans, followers, friends, and customers to tell us their greatest cannabis success story. Our belief at Growers Choice Seeds has always been that cannabis represents healing and ...  Read More

How Has COVID-19 Changed The Cannabis Industry?

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We may never go back to “normal.” How does one define such a term, anyway? What is normal? In a post-quarantine world, we have to face facts that a new normal will take over and touch every aspect of our lives, from our job to our workout habits to...  Read More

Cannabis And The Coronavirus

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We’re all aware of the coronavirus headlines by now. It has civilians on every continent (with the exception of Antarctica) at a crossroads — should we worry or not? Some call it a “global pandemic” while others say it’s a slightly ...  Read More